Missionary Mom Helps

MAIL FROM BYU BOOKSTORE- When you drop your missionary off at the MTC, you can run over to the BYU bookstore and mail a package for CHEAP-  compared to the other delivery services I looked at. If its to the Bookstore shipping counter by 1:30 or 2 pm it will get over to the MTC that same day.
Plus it was so nice to have something to focus on, a task to go do after the drop off- a great distraction!

MUSIC - In my sons mission, they can listen to uplifting music that invites the Spirit. I wished I had thought about this before he left, but the suggestion was made to also load conference talks onto the ipod as well! Such a good idea !

LAMINATE PMG COVERS -  missionaries can laminate the covers of their PMG books while at the MTC. I hear it really makes their books last longer & look nicer
- it is also recommended to get the belt clip/attachment for their MTC cards instead of a lanyard.

MAILING LABELS -  print your missionaries name & address on a whole bunch of mailing/address labels so that when they write letters to people, all they have to do is pull a sticker off & put it on the envelope instead of writing out the long 4 line return address of the MTC, or mission home every time!  You can also do labels with your home address for them too. Get creative with fonts and pictures!

MIXES WITH NO EGGS -  we are sending FunFetti pancake mix for my sons birthday, but in some foreign countries they do no refrigerate their eggs- possible salmonella ! Look for baking mixes that need only water to make. Be aware if they have ovens & baking pans to even cook the mixes with.

INTERNATIONAL MISSIONARY MAIL!! -  the cheapest way I have found (so far) to send packages (from the US)  is by ordering FREE white bubble envelopes from the Post Office website. You can ship up to 4 lbs for about $26.00.
In the Singapore Mission, everything goes to the Mission Home & then gets dispersed out from there when someone is traveling to that area.

We had one package opened when my son started sending things home, so somewhere between Malaysia & Utah..... so seal packages well & even take pictures of the contents so you can account for what did & didn't make it!

BUG SPRAY & DEODORANT - the Singapore missionary handbook recommends bug spray- and so does my missionary! :) For deodorant it was suggested to get Certain Dry.  It is a little bit more expensive but my missionary said it does help!

FOOD ITEMS TO SEND: Bottle Caps, tootsie rolls, Swedish fish, gold fish crackers. small wrapped sugar candies- DO NOT SEND BEEF JERKY

  1) don't send a rain jacket or umbrella- rain jackets just make them sweat even more! I'll take being       wet from the rain any day! 
  2) get DryLux garments or mesh & definitely send microfiber towels! 
  3) they travel often & when they do, they will dress in casual clothes- t shirts, jeans, polos, dressy           casual- so they won't get "black" stamped by customs. 
  4) we also found it handy to also have a backpack for all the traveling. 
  5) my missionary was Chinese speaking & they took their shoes off all the time, even during church       meetings on Sunday, so he took slip on dress shoes. I think the other languages would as well....
  6) with no longer needing full suits in the mission - Golf pants are working the best!  They dry out
      quickly and are so comfortable and cooler that regular dress pants.

They will leave 1 suitcase in the mission home & if I remember right, they are allowed 1 #50 bag & 1 carry on when transferring to their area. They will come into Singapore for Zone Conferences & are able to switch out anything from their stored suitcase if they would like. My son took the messenger bag from Mr. Mac & ended up giving it away within a few months because it was too big & heavy, he ended up getting a smaller, light weight, waterproof one over there.

 we ended up sending a waterproof camera, (others have not sent waterproof ones & been just fine),  just in case of getting wet from all the rain, humidity & monsoon seasons. WiFi cameras are also a great option to avoid viruses from internet cafes.


  1. Thank-you so much for this info - My son Reports to the MTC on July 30th & I can't wait to run to the bookstore & mail a package!!

  2. I'm so glad I found your blog! My son reports to the MTC on OCT 28th. It has been so helpful to read about Singspore and mission life! If you have any other advice, please do give!

    1. Michelle, Thanks for your message! I did update a few things on the "helps' page. Please let me know if you have other questions & I'd be glad to help or join our FB page - Singapore Missionary Moms, everyone is so helpful there too! Good luck with your preparations! You will love this mission & the people. Is your son learning a language?