Monday, September 28, 2015

My last full week, so this is what a reunion feels like

This has been a wonderful week of many blessings. I am feeling a great sense of fulfilling my purpose and it's centered on boldness. I have been thinking about this topic for the past few weeks and have tried to apply its teachings more in my work as a missionary and what I have discovered from my studying and pondering is that being bold does not mean using direct or harsh words; which is something I feel many people think it means. What I have come to understand of the word "Bold" is to act exactly according to what the Spirit tells you to do. That helped me feel that in my lessons, when I feel the Spirit prompt me to say or do something, to seek for the soft promptings of the Spirit while we are teaching. By doing so the lessons we have been teaching have been wonderful experiences that I know have strengthened my testimony. I do know that the restoration of the gospel is true and the plan of salvation is one of the plain and precious truths that was brought back through the Prophet, Joseph Smith.

Sitiawan & JB Members!
Elder Lloyd and I were pleasantly surprised with a visit from some of our old friends from the Sitiawan branch! One of them is my recent convert and she looks so happy! I was so happy seeing her! I knew the boy and his mom were coming down to JB to see us, but he didn't tell me my recent convert was coming. So when we were walking down the street to the church and I saw all 3 of them standing there I began to feel what I think I'll feel more of when I'm approaching the SLC escalator. I was so nervous, but so happy! The boy, he's awesome, is going on a mission to Houston, Texas next year and I was so happy for him. It was basically my favorite day of the week this week. We went to a recent convert's house- the mom and her daughter are both converts, and the daughter had decided to go on a mission too so it was a house full of future missionaries! It was so awesome! It was hard saying good-bye one more time to them though. It was just a testimony and reminder that I can never forget the people I have come to know here. They are too precious and dear to me. No matter what, I cannot and will not forget the beautiful people here.

Rained so hard, we dried off at a member's hair salon! 
I love being a missionary. The work here is just continuously growing and I don't know when it will stop. We keep finding people and teaching them. They are progressing and one of the greatest investigators we have now is a 19 year-old who just is in love with the Book of Mormon. Whenever we see him he'll just pull his Book of Mormon out and show us what he's read. It's so cool! We love him and we'll be playing bball with him later today. I love JB and later this week I'll go to Singapore for my last MLC. I can't wait to be edified by the Spirit.

I'm expired as a "preacher" OH NO! 
This is the last full week I have as a full-time missionary. My goals are high and my determination is set. I am very anxious to share my testimony with everyone I see and to leave knowing that I've done my very best. Looking back on what I have already done I feel I can say so, but there is still 10 days to decide whether or not it was worth it. These last days I know will play a huge role in my post-mission life. I promise to make a difference and be sure to expect many great things in my next email. I love you all and am grateful for everything you have done to support me. The Lord is supporting us all in His work and His work will continue forth forever. This gospel is true. It is true.

Elder Hanks

the scenery 

and the bad air...! must be a fire somewhere...(Indonesia !)

We think we are badminton professionals! 

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