Thursday, September 24, 2015

It was like a spiritual party week!

Happy Birthday E. Lloyd!
This week has been great! We got to celebrate Elder Lloyd's birthday and he's now 20! What a great stud he is now; not that he already wasn't... I guess it would be appropriate to express my gratitude for my companion. He's such a hard worker and he never stops. he is humble, but only wants to make others happy and of course he does that by sharing the gospel. I love him a ton and I wouldn't want any other missionary as my companion right now.

There was a great Young Women's conference put on by the senior couple and it was an amazing success!!!  (Check it out here:  It started on Friday night where the young women slept over in the church, and then all the next day Saturday. They had devotionals and testimony meetings and workshops. it was an all-out great conference. The part that we got to help with was the BBQ on Saturday. We had the goal of getting a fire going in the grill in less that an hour and a half. Sounds easy right? Well, it's not in super humid climate. We had to run to a nearby park and pick up any kind of sticks we could find. I'm glad I was an eagle scout because we got that thing burning nicely and the chicken was so good! I felt like a pro-griller with my chicken and glove. it was so fun. The young women soon showed up with their parents and we had a great dinner that ended with them singing the youth theme song for this year, "Embark." it was a great ending to the day and Elder Lloyd's birthday. Did I get him anything? Yes! Because he is such a stud of an athlete I got him some protein. He couldn't stop laughing. It was awesome!

Zone Meeting was also this last week and we had a great activity of playing actual golf on Monday and then the meeting wasn't until the next day. Regarding golf, although it's been 2 years since I've hit a ball, I gotta say I think I still got quite a swing. Maybe I can play a round or two with my awesome dad in a few weeks! Looking forward to it! The zone members really enjoyed it and I hope they enjoyed the meeting more than just the activity. We talked about being bold in finding and teaching by sharing a scripture as our zone theme for the next few weeks, "Thresh the Nations" -D&C 35:13-14 #ByTheSpirit It is clear to me that we cannot do anything in this work without the Spirit. He is the Comforter and we need the Comforter because the work we do is often uncomfortable. It's my testimony that as long as you are striving to have the Spirit with you you will be happy.  

Golfing for our Zone activity
Many miracles were found this week with investigators coming to church and our finding 5 new investigators which is awesome!! We are loving this are and this may turn out to be the best area I've ever been in. I did say "may.." though. one great experience I had was watching "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration" with our recent convert who got baptized last week. He felt the Spirit so strong and I did too. 

One other short experience was we were teaching the second lesson for a new investigator this week when I asked him how his reading was of the Book of Mormon. He said that he did just as we said, to read it and pray about it. He told us that when he did he felt a great warmth in his heart and since he's loved reading the Book of Mormon. I was so excited to help him understand the promptings of the Holy Ghost. It was a great lesson.

I love this work. it's so true. I've discovered the importance of every day and the uniqueness each day has. With only a few of them left -- as my great companion would say, "Let's go!!!" 

I love this work, it's so true. 

Love you all,
Elder Hanks

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