Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Baptism!

From the subject of this email you will know that yes! We had an amazing baptism this past week. I have just come to love this guy. He is amazing! I'm sorry I don't have much time at all today,  because today is the zone activity. We have the entire zone here. But things are great. Sorry it's so short!  

Our miracle this week I would have to say came from the exchange I had with Elder Perritt. What happened was we had a lesson planned for that night with our investigator who just got baptized. I was really excited for it as it would be his last investigating lesson and I wanted a member to be there to help testify that what he was doing was right. I called some members,  and in the end our 'last hope' for a member present fell through. I didn't know what to do,  so I basically accepted the reality of having just an other lesson. However, God is a God of miracles. On our walk back from the area we had just spent time contacting in,  we walked past a little food stand where we heard someone call out, "ELDER!" We looked over and saw sitting there, two Singaporeans,  a member and her husband. They had just randomly decided to come to JB that day for dinner, but they thought it was weird they ended up at this little stand for dinner. They didn't think it was anything until they saw us, then they were happy to be there!  I actually knew them fairly well as they have been to the JB branch before. They invited us to eat with them, but I didn't want to interrupt their dinner and we had a lesson soon, but they kept insisting. The idea then came to my mind: I made the deal with them that if we eat with them,  they then had to come help teach a lesson with us. Deal!

 The dinner was nice, but the lesson was the most amazing thing I experienced that day. The love of God for our investigator was so strong and having those miracle members there to help testify was just what that lesson needed. It was a real faith-building experience. 
This is my brother Hunter, who is in the MTC learning Chinese
from a former Singapore missionary! - Sam Mitchell!  Small world! 

I love the work of the Lord. It's really HIS work.
Love, Elder Hanks

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