Saturday, August 22, 2015

From the slums of "trunky" to awesome time in Melaka

We had a great week which included our going to Melaka for exchanges with the missionaries there. Melaka is a 3 hour bus ride so it's pretty far, but we enjoyed a fun P-day with them and we had great exchanges with them. I love the missionaries who are serving there, who is Elder Ebeling and Elder Lallemant. They are awesome!

We had some great miracles and I got out of a little slump I was having that some people may call "being trunky." But I broke it and just in time too - as we had some great miracles happen this week! 

On Friday we had an appointment with a potential investigator Elder Allen and I had met on exchanges. We tried to get another male person with us so we could go into her home and teach her, but we couldn't find one, so we just went in faith that all would be okay. We knocked on her door, but she wasn't there so we stood there for a minute and made a move to leave, but just then she was walking up the stairs... awkward. We were honest in telling her our situation and she was very understanding of our rules and agreed to talk downstairs in an open area. We decided we only had a few minutes to talk and so we wanted to get right down to the point. We shared with her the Book of Mormon. When she saw "Mormon" she said, "Oh, you are the Mormons? I haven't heard that great of things about you." We talked and I just felt that I should share a brief history of the Book of Mormon and my testimony. After I did you could just feel the Spirit around us and in our hearts; I was just praying that she was feeling it too. In the end said she could accept a copy and read it and said we could come back in 2 weeks. It was a great experience. 

Also on Friday we got a notice on our building informing us that Johor Bahru was short on water and that we might get our water turned off for certain periods of time and that it could last up to a month in order to save water - so we were to be wise with our water use. Which is so crazy because it rains buckets here alot. So we went out and bought these big tubs and stored water in them for showering and other purposes. When Sunday, the first day of having no water, came around,  we woke up and one of us dared to check the tap to see if we really didn't have water. He turned it on... and water came out! So far we have still had the pleasure of water, but we are keeping our storage until this month passes. The fun things of living in Malayisa. Makes you grateful for plenty of water & basic necessities! 
yummy peach cobbler... I think.....
It was a great week and church this week was so great. The Spirit was so strong that I was having a really hard time singing because the Spirit was so strong! haha! We even had a random former investigator come to church and she said she wants to learn again and she'll be coming to church for the next little bit of time, until she can get her feet under her. But we are happy that she is back! 

Things are great here in Johor Bahru! I love the mission! here are 2 quotes from Elder Lloyd and I this week:

"The first bite is easier to give than the last." - Elder Lloyd
"You can't decide who looks at you, but you can determine what they see." -Elder Hanks

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