Thursday, July 23, 2015

Our apartment doubled in size!

On Monday Elder Baer packed up all of his stuff, and Tuesday morning left..... I almost cried, but luckily no one saw my teary eyes. As he was driving away in the taxi Elder Benson--the senior couple missionary--said to me, "There goes a great man." I replied, "One of the greatest men I have ever met." 

Trying to make Asian eyes....did we pass? 

So long Elder Baer....

Tuesday was a day I just got to follow the senior couple because I had no one else to follow or be with. That was a fun experience and I am very grateful for all that they do for us missionaries. They are the greatest and they helped with some lessons that were great! We are having some great success here in JB!

the day I was companionless......

I have 2 miracles to share for this week's work. First has to do with one progressing investigator who wants to be a missionary, and the other has to do with working with members.

1. We are currently teaching a 16 year-old young man and he has been learning for about a month. Ever since he has come to our English class and we introduced Jesus Christ to him he has been progressing so fast!!! In this last week's lesson he brought a friend and that was great because we were planning on sharing with them the Atonement of Jesus Christ. But before we got into the lesson too much we wanted to see what our investigator's understanding of the plan of salvation was, because that is what we taught last time. After we asked him to give us a summary of the plan-  he sat up in his chair, turned to his friend and proceeded to give one of the most amazing summaries of the plan of salvation in under 2 minutes I have ever heard and he didn't even miss a single detail concerning the plan!!  Elder Lloyd, it was his  first lesson in JB,  was just blown away and we were just so impressed! This investigator's on date and later in life will be a great missionary! Love it!  
2. On Tuesday, after Elder Baer left and before Elder Lloyd arrived, I made an appointment with a former investigator family, but needed a companion to come with me. So I called a member in our branch and he agreed to come with me. On the way to the appointment,  I was guiding him to this house and he would say, "I think I have been to this house before." We arrived at the house and he said, "Yep! I've been here before." Once inside we bore powerful testimony of the gospel and the peaceful feelings we get from coming to church, etc. The Spirit was really powerful and after leaving the lesson on the way home the member turned to me and said, "You know, it was almost a year ago that I came to this house to share the gospel with this family and I haven't thought about them for a while, it was only until Yesterday that the thought of this family came back to me. Then you called me to go with you to teach them... weird." I thought it was a miracle from Heavenly Father and was so cool!!!!

The JB Chinese Elders... Hanks, Pearce, Lloyd & Avery

Elders running late for church! 

So now there are 4 elders here in the house and they are all awesome! Elder Avery doesn't stop making me laugh with his funny lines and phrases. Elder Pearce won't eat any food I try to give to him,  so he is way to courteous. And Elder Lloyd is such I stud I can't believe the Lord would bless me so much! Elder Lloyd is a hard worker and is from Bountiful. I already love him so much and he never stops being grateful for things, even trees... I have found that his being grateful is one of the greatest traits about him, he never stops being grateful for what he has and what he can do! He is awesome and I am looking forward to working more with him in the next couple of weeks!

I am loving this life and time that I have as missionary. I need to be more grateful for these kinds of things more. 

Elder Hanks

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