Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lions and tigers and bears - oh my!

We have had some cool miracles this past week; in particular in finding investigators! 

One miracle find:
We had met a young man on the street and invited him to English class. He came 2 weeks in a row and the second week he came he asked me about a picture of Jesus Christ I had with me. We talked about it and he said he would like to learn to trust in Jesus Christ. I gave him the picture I had and invited him back to learn more. He came back to the church the next day where we taught him about Jesus Christ's life and he really liked it! He came to church the next day for all 3 hours and the only part he didn't like was that he didn't get the memo to wear formal clothes. So i think next week he will wear formal clothes. But he has been taught twice now and has agreed to be baptized. He even invited a friend to come to the church too! He's awesome!

We also taught a Chinese man this past week the first lesson at the church and he brought a Indian friend who really wants to learn about Jesus Christ. We are hoping to have many people progress towards baptism in the few months-  so that's what we need. Pray for us! We are finding so many people to teach, but now we need to baptize them! It's frustrating that they are not progressing more, but we need to help them understand is that this is what will give them true happiness! 
This past week we also went to Melaka for exchanges and we had a great time with the elders there. They are awesome and they are doing a great job at helping others come unto Christ! 

I have loved working as a missionary this week. The branch had a missionary Sunday this past week where missionary work was the underlining topic of discussion in sacrament meeting. We had Elder Baer, a branch RM, and the branch mission leader give talks and it was very spiritual. I hope that with all the talking of missionary work the work in this branch will pick up! Also in sacrament meeting I got to play the accompaniment of the musical number which was the EFY medley. I didn't do that bad so that's a plus!!! I was pretty nervous. 

I'm loving the mission, like I said before, and I want to help everyone we see and teach,  be baptized and to come unto Christ! I love this church and this work. Love you all and sorry my email isn't too fun this week, but maybe next time. 
We did go to the local zoo here which was pretty cool and had tigers, lions, and bears. OH MY! and it was only 2 ringgit so that's like 53 american cents. Talk about cheap right? 
Peace, from your missionary in Malaysia!
Elder Hanks

PS. we are losing Pres. & Sis. Mains this week! They have been an awesome mission president & wife! They have worked so hard for all of us missionaries & we will really miss them. Pres. & Sis Simmons officially start on Wednesday July 1st!

my arrival picture in 2013 with Pres. & SIs. Mains

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