Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Departing Elder Baer...with miracles though!

July 13,  2015


I hope the last week of my mission can be as good as it was for Elder Baer's last week! This week was a great week full of miracles and blessings. So let's name a few, shall we?

To start, it's a standard of excellence that we as missionaries find 2 new investigators every week in order to continue to find new people to bring unto Christ and keep the funnel filled. All week we were trying to find new people and meet with previously-met potentials, but no one would meet with us. Sunday(the last day of the week) came around and we were worried we wouldn't hit our goal. Luckily we had many investigators come to church and 2 of them were Indian investigators we have been teaching for not too long. We asked them if we could come over and share with them more about the gospel. They agreed and so we went. As we entered their house-  with some members,  it was literally a miracle as 2 sisters of the investigator (who came to church)  came out from the back room.! We met with them and shared the message of the Restoration. The Spirit was very strong and they all agreed to allow us to come back again and share more. 2 New investigators!!!!! we were so happy to achieve our goals.

With Elder Baer leaving many of the members had taken us out for lunch and invited us to go to dinners with them. We were very full this week, but the members here are so awesome and I love them so much! The branch here is just so awesome and I love being with every single one of our members.
    We had zone meeting this past week and for the zone activity we went bowling. I shocked myself with the highest score and many strikes. I had no idea since it has been awhile since I've practiced my bowling skills.....!  But Zone meeting itself was a great experience where we all had a great council in which we talked about our new mission president and we are all really excited about serving with him. And with 3 months left with my new companion.... ELDER LOYYD... it is going to be a party. I am so excited to be his companion, although I am sad Elder Baer is leaving. With the new transfers though, we are having 2 new elders come into the JB area with us. So the house will again be 4 chinese Elders! I'm really excited about this and hope to do my best in helping 3 elders get oriented to the massive JB area. Wish me luck....  

We are having many investigators coming to church now and they are loving church. We are hoping to help them continue to progress towards baptism. It's a big topic with all of our investigators so we are pushing them to continue towards it. JB is awesome!!!!  

Elder Hanks

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