Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Celebrating the 4th & our new mission president

This week was a great week of celebrating our amazing freedom and  welcoming of our new mission president. Great things are happening in our area too! 
On Thursday we went over to Singapore to our mission's Missionary Leadership Council where we met our wonderful new mission president and his wife, President and Sister Simmons. Of course we are sad that President and Sister Mains are gone and we will miss them, but we are loving having a new mission president. He is great and I love him especially because he served in the Taiwan mission when he was younger - SO HE SPEAKS MANDARIN! Well, only a little bit. He and his wife are also trying to learn Malay too, so that is great of them to do that so they can speak to all members of Malaysia and Singapore. MLC itself was really inspiring and we are going to have a great zone meeting this week about becoming master teachers who teach by the power of the Holy Spirit. The mission is in good hands. 

After we came back,  celebrating our country came and we were fortunate to have a great 4th of July lunch with the senior couple who live in the same complex as we do. In our apartment we have this little green want-to-be grill that we decided to try cooking with. Even with all our eagle scout skills and flammable deodorants we could find,  the charcoals wouldn't catch on fire! So we just went back to the stove. The meal was so good and we talked about the blessings of being a citizen of such a great country. Go AMERICA! 

Miracles from this week are many and mostly about baptism. We have been trying so hard for the past few weeks to get our investigators on date. We weren't having too much luck and we just kept trying our best. One young investigator whose mom is a member wants to be baptized, but when we asked his dad he said, "Only when you are 21." This kid was only 11. But the mom talked to his dad and his dad changed his mind! He'll be baptized at the end of this month! 
More miracles include this younger 16 year-old. We started teaching him last week and we shared with him the restoration. We gave him a Book of Mormon and invited him to pray. The next time we saw him he was so happy and excited to tell us that he did pray and he felt an amazing peace and joy. He said he never felt that kind of joy before and he wants to be baptized! So cool! 
Last one was we started teaching two 19 year olds last week and like the 16 year-old above, we shared the Restoration and invited them to read the Book of Mormon. We caught up with them later to ask how their reading was going. They reported that they did read and understood a lot. One of the boys said that by reading the Book of Mormon he feels that he is coming closer to something that he should know. We were both blown away and they are both wanting to continue to learn.

We have some great investigators who are learning and we are looking forward to some great baptisms at the end of this month and next month too. It will also be in a great new font that is being built in the chapel! 
The members here are great too! Our branch mission leader is so great and in this week's testimony meeting he was the first of many other members to run up onto the stand to share a powerful testimony. A great spirit was felt in sacrament and everyone seems really excited about coming to church. The church is so true and I love being a missionary! 
Love from Malaysia!
Elder Hanks

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