Monday, June 22, 2015

Our Miracle Week with some crickets along the way!

This has been a great week of success and finding new investigators. Elder Baer and I at the beginning of the week discussed our efforts in finding new investigators and we both came to the conclusion that we needed to find 3 new investigators. This goal was confirmed to me as from the Lord when we received the same commitment idea from the assistants; to find 3 investigators this week. The Lord was with us in all our efforts to find these 3 investigators. On Monday we were hoping to meet with the first of the 3 new investigators for the week but were discouraged when this potential wouldn't answer our calls to confirm a time with us. Thinking on what to do I had a prompting to call another potential we had made contact with the week before. I called him and asked him if we could make an appointment with him for the next day. In return he replied, "Actually, can you just come tonight?" We ended up going to see this investigator and shared with him the Restoration of the gospel and invited him to read the Book of Mormon. It was a miracle to see the Lord move his hand in our work and help us have a great start to finding people at the very start of our week. 

This sort of miracle did not happen only once this week though!  On Wednesday's exchange with Elder Perritt (one of the assistants), we were on our way - with a member,  to teach a referral she wanted us to meet with, one that Elder Liddle called us with, that the Ipoh elders had passed on to us. 

Once I received the phone number I called this potential to set up a time later in the week. This sweet Indian woman - instead of settling for a time later in the week just asked for us to come over that very night!  We did and there we shared the message of the Restoration of the gospel and the spirit was felt so strong - although I wasn't sure if they understood everything we shared with them! haha language barriers you know!  
I know the Spirit touched their hearts as we knelt in prayer with this family and the sister-  whom I had initially contacted,  offered the closing prayer and expressed her feelings for a greater love for our Heavenly Father, a second chance to love Him, and that she had felt the Spirit touch her heart. It was a great lesson and they invited us back the next day! 

The next day when we went back at the appointed time there was our new investigator ready and waiting for us WITH her mother, brother-in-law, and sister also waiting! Because they are all Indian,  I was somewhat afraid that with the lesson in English they wouldn't understand everything. It was a great thing that our member came with us again because once he shared the message of Joseph Smith's first vision they had questions and wanted to know more. We gave them all a copy of the Book of Mormon in Malay and invited them to read it to know if it was true. We have a return appointment in two weeks as they are going out of town until then. But we look forward to seeing them again! 

Our zone surpassed its goal in finding new investigators this week; Elder Baer and I found 6! And Elder Baer and I also achieved all of our goals! I am pretty stoked about that!  

Happy Father's Day as well. It was a great Father's Day as all the Father's in the branch sung a musical number, "Ye Elders of Israel" and it brought a great spirit. After church many members accompanied us to visit an older man in the branch who has some health problems. It was so cool to sit with him and just be with him-  it felt like being around a  family and I was so happy to be with so many faithful saints. 

Last story. For those who read my previous experience with a guy from Amway should pay attention to this similar experience we had this week.

 ooooohhhh nooooooo, - not another Amway! 
I had called a potential and asked him to meet -  which he agreed to meet us. A few days before the appointment he called us to confirm the appointment-  which I found surprising because it's usually us who has to call to remind them. Then again, the morning of the appointment he called us again to confirm. In this conversation I asked him where he would like to meet so we could talk. he responded, "We can meet outside a restaurant." I thought that was a weird place to meet, but he quickly added, "It's near your church so I can bring you to it." So we agreed. 
The time for the appointment came and a member decided to take us to the place where we were to meet this guy. As we were pulling up to the appointed parking lot we saw this guy sitting in his car dressed up in a nice white shirt and tie waiting in his car. I thought that was very weird because people never wear that type of clothing unless it's for church(which is our job) or for business...... haha! Shoulda known better! 

We got out of our member's car and approached this guys car. We knocked on the window and he rolled his window down. He greeted us and immediately motioned to get in his car! haha -  Elder Baer and I looked at each other like, "Oh no... not again." With experience now we asked the guy-  "Where do you want to take us?" "To eat." "Where are we going to eat?" "At a restaurant." "What restaurant?" "My restaurant." "Where is your restaurant?" When he said where his restaurant was Elder Baer knew that it was super far. Elder Baer kindly asked, "You want to go to this restaurant so we can talk about Jesus Christ right?" The man responded, "I have Christian friends who are meeting us there." (Well, that didn't answer the question.) So we asked again for straight forward this time, "Would you like to learn about Jesus Christ?" "Actually, I want to take you guys to my restaurant so I can talk to you guys about my business. Everybody needs to eat and my business can help with that."
We both looked at each other and knew what to say. We kindly declined the man's offer. Said that if he would ever like to learn about Jesus Christ to give us a call, then we walked back to the member's car, got in and went to eat somewhere else. 

Anyways, we are loving the work here in JB. Now with so many investigators we are teaching we are hoping to help them all be baptized soon. Wish us luck! 

Elder Hanks

For fun this week a member brought some crickets he somehow got from Thailand and I got to try one. I don't like it. The flavor is actually really good, it's just that you are eating a bug and the texture(CRUNCH) is really weird and it feels weird. This is my reaction. 

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