Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Having miracles every week!

MAY 17, 2015 
I have a great testimony that the grace if Jesus Christ makes all the difference. I have tried to embrace as much as possible the grace of Christ as He has made the difference in our work. We had some great goals set for us this week and we set out to accomplish them with vigor. But it seems that half way through the week we got burned out a little bit. We didn't really know what happened, but we tried our best to exercise our faith in Christ and His work. In the end we worked hard and accomplished all of our goals and it was really by the mercy of God that we did. He is so good when it comes to His work. 

We had an awesome combined district meeting this past week with another district and we were trained about the love of Christ. It was a great training that helped us all gain a greater appreciation for Christ and what He does for us. The zone as a whole is doing great. We are going to hit our baptismal goal for the month which is so good! We are hyped!


I've enjoyed this week as it has been a crazy and fun week including playing soccer with kids, finding people to teach, bringing people to church and watching a wonderful elderly sister receive baptism. She is a sweet little woman and I love her. She has a beautiful smile and her baptismal service was a great experience to witness. We watched again the video, "Because He Lives." The Spirit touched me greatly. We are doing great. We love the work we are called to do and the Lord continues to bless us with tender mercies. 

A miracle we experienced this past week was with a sweet little lady who comes from no Christian background. We have always been hesitant to invite her to church because of having so little knowledge of  Christianity, so we were basically starting from square one- who is God. While traveling to another investigators house, we passed by her house & we felt prompted to invite her to church. We knocked and she came out to greet us. We asked her if she would want to come to church and she said YES, but she didn't have a car to get there. We thought for a moment and remembered a member who is somewhat a little inactive, who lives just up the street from here. So we called him up and asked if he could take this sweet little auntie to church and he siad YES too! 
We were so happy to see her come to church and ask many questions. One time during sacrament meeting, as the member of the branch presidency was giving his talk, she heard something in his talk that she really liked so she calls up to the podium and asked a question- totally adding to the talk he was giving! She got a few looks from some of the other people, but she wasn't looking at the audience, she was looking at the branch presidency member as he then answered her question! Haha! She was so happy and so were we! She was very welcomed by the branch! So great and what a blessing! 

Miracles are happening here!  I am in Singapore today because Zone Conference is tomorrow ! Got to run! 
Love you all, 
Elder Hanks

May 10, 2105 
Pre Rugby picture- clean clothes! 
We had zone meeting this past week and that was a really fun experience as it was my first zone meeting. I love my zone and all they do. We had a fun activity the day before of rugby. Because it rained a little bit before we played we were like slipping all over the place, but we all had fun. 

The meeting itself was great as we trained the zone to have more urgency in doing the Lord's work. When we are urgent in doing the Lord's work we are successful and more effective. So the ultimate vision that we came up with, that we talked with our zone about, was the vision for every companionship in the JB zone to have 1 baptism per month. There is a lot of faith here in the zone and with that faith I know we can accomplish our zone's baptismal goal for the year. 

Elder Baer and I went to Melaka this past week to do exchanges with the elders there; Elder Lallemant and Elder Ebeling. They are two really faithful and awesome elders. I enjoyed my time there as we taught a beautiful family of Tamil people and a Chinese girl later that day. We met with that Chinese girl which was her first lesson with the elders and by the end of sharing the Restoration with her Elder Lallemant and Elder Ebeling had her commit to baptism. Sick! They are doing great work there in Melaka!

I got to skype my family today and I loved talking to them. Hanks family, you are the best! Love you guys! I'm just so grateful that we have such a powerful understanding that families are forever. So you can see that picture(Nice face Max). 

Happy Mother's Day to all you mother's. A great weekend it's been for me as an investigator I taught in Miri received baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost this weekend. And now we are looking forward to another baptism here, this week too. I'll keep you updated on that. (It's a long and fun story.)

A miracle we experienced this week was in finding, teaching and going for baptism. We had contacted a younger Indian boy a few weeks ago. He express interest in learning more about the "bible" and so we had set up an appointment with him for last Friday. We went over at the arranged time but couldn't find him there. So instead we found a friend of his who was doing homework so we talked to him for a bit until the boy we were looking for came back. He and his friend said they were busy at the time preparing for an exam and so we started to leave when he came out and said "you know, I have an hour if you guys want to talk." So we went back and talked to these 2 young men about the church. They don't have a Christian background and didn't know a lot about church stuff so we just showed them pictures from the gospel art book and answered any questions they had. When we came to a picture of Jesus Christ being baptized, I asked them if they knew what it was and if so, would they like to be baptized. They said they would like time to think about it. They continued looking through the book and when they got to the baptismal pictures in the back, I think the Spirit really touched their hearts and the looked up and said "this is what we would like to follow". So we are now working towards baptism with the first young man and his friend is now a new investigator! What a miracle! 

Love you all!

My future car....! Please! 

Pres. Mains 

Going through immigration with thousands of other people! 

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