Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Miracles are happening! Transfers are happening!

April 19 2015
The work here in Miri is going forth and I am so happy to be here in Miri! Yes, it is transfer news this week but we will see if I can stay here one more transfer -  It would be so fun if I could because a lot will happen in the next six weeks! 

Our zone leaders gave us a goal last zone meeting to find and baptize 4 investigators per companionship by the beginning of June. That would be a big feat for us here in the Miri zone and also for the Miri Chinese district.We currently have 3 investigators on date for May and hope to get one more by the beginning of June. So we are pretty excited to hopefully,  achieve our goal given to us by our zone leaders! 

Our investigators are very much progressing and we are continuing to find more investigators. We are working with so many people - it's such a miracle to be here in Mir! One other cool miracle this past week has to do with referrals. 

We received word from a senior sister that there was a church referral in communication with her asking about our church, place, time, etc. We were so looking forward to meeting this man and when Sunday finally came around,  there he was standing in the church lobby! He joined us in sacrament meeting and seemed to enjoy the meeting. After the meeting was over,  another car pulled up with three of his friends!  Have I mentioned that these 4 people are living in Brunei? Brunei is like an hour to two hour drive away from the church, so what a cool exercise of faith we saw in these people! Well, continuing on, these 4 referrals,  now in the church, only had an hour so we decided to give them a tour of the church building and answer any questions. They had many great questions about missionary work and the church. At one point one of the girls that was part of the church tour commented, "You guys have a very nice church here. There is a very nice ambiance here-  it's really comfortable." (When she said that I was like, "Have a nice WHAT?" but I just said, "Thank you." haha! ) We were able to share with them a message of the Restoration and the Spirit was felt. Upon leaving the church one of them asked for materials to study during the week. We gave him a copy of Gospel Principles and he wants to come back. So cool! 

I love being a missionary. When I find myself in times of peace and quiet,  I ponder the blessings of serving a mission and the feelings I have are indescribable. I can't believe I am here, serving a mission all the way in Malaysia. I love it! I am cherishing my time here and I love every person I meet, every minute I have speaking and talking in the name of Jesus Christ with these wonderful people, and I love the continual building of my testimony.


Love you all,
Elder Hanks

And the result of the transfer news is.....

I'm really excited!! I'm really excited for my new area and my new companion, Elder Baer has the BEST Chinese in the mission so I'm looking forward to learning more chinese and how to be a better missionary from him!  He is a great missionary!  I'm really looking forward to this transfer. I will miss Miri though... a lot. I'm also now a Zone Leader in JB  (Johor Bahru) 
 West Malaysia with Elder Baer.

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