Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Awesome District Youth Conference & another Elder Hanks speaking mandarin!

We have some great goals we are striving to achieve this next week and that includes working more with members. This past week we were able to do a district young men mini-mission  to allow the young men of the district to come on missions with us. We had one of our four young men in the branch come with us. He put in a great effort and it made his family pretty happy to see him come with us on a mission. We stopped by another young man's home on that day and because  he saw the other young man coming with us, he and his aunt he stays with,  have decided to try and come with us to go on a mini-mission once a week. We are very much willing and excited about this hoping this will inspire more of our young men to serve a mission. 

We are making more plans to work with members,  as we are very anxious to begin to move some of the investigators we have already begun to teach further down the progression funnel. If all goes as we planned and hope for,  we will be seeing great miracles happening in Miri as we involve our members more.

We were contacting this past week when we saw a young man standing outside of his home early in the afternoon. We said hello and introduced ourselves and what we do. He took a proselyting card and we asked him if his parents were home which they were unfortunately were not. However, he was a smart young man who invited us back to his home later that night! We did and his entire family was there where we shared the message of the Restoration. They accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and committed to read it and pray about it. Before we left we asked if there was anything we could help them with. The father replied, "You already have." We are looking forward to teaching them next week.

My faith has grown as I have studied the idea and motivation to be more obedient and all I can say is that I have found my motivation to be obedient solely in the principle that I love my Heavenly Father.

I am loving the work of the Lord and it will continue to move forward.

Also, a big shout out to my younger brother who has been called to serve in the Leeds, England Mission speaking Mandarin Chinese. It's the best place I know for him and he's speaking the language of the Celestial Kingdom! What a great experience for him and I am so happy for him. Things are all about missionary work and how important it is to declare repentance to this world! It's the greatest thing we could ever invest ourselves in. I am so proud of my brother for his decision to serve the Lord.

I am loving the service of the Lord.

Elder Hanks

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