Monday, March 30, 2015

Another trip to the Crocodile farm

Last P-Day we went to the crocodile farm in Miri. I had been before,  but I went with all the new missionaries who have never been there before. It was a great day - it was really fun to hold a bear, a snake, and feed the crocodiles. We all somewhat realized how crazy crocodiles are and how scary they are! We all had fun feeding them chickens, but man we cringed whenever we thought about the chicken possibly being us! I got to hold a chicken over the water on a pole and string and it's so scary to see how fast the crocodiles can jump out of the water and you can't even see them! You have no idea they are sitting right below and then think about how much that can relate to our lives when it comes to sin, etc. We sometimes don't see the bad in some activities or lifestyles, until it's too late, then we see it. So be careful of those temptations because they will 'eat' you!

I went on exchanges this past week with our zone leader, Elder Lambert. What a cool guy! We had some great lessons and missionary experiences. We got poured on at one point in the afternoon and we both looked at each other as it poured on us and said, "Perfect time to get into someone's house." or so we thought!  It took about 5 rejections to finally find someone who let us hide under their porch roof thing. The best lesson was later that night. We were meeting with a less active and some investigators. It was all in Malay so I didn't understand much, unless my companion translated, but it was such a cool experience as we entered this little brick house with candles lit to let us learn the gospel by "candle-light." I loved it and felt such a powerful spirit with these humble people. Missionary work is true! 

One thing that Elder South and I are doing this week is first,  helping Elder South recover from a little fever he had, then working with the members some more. We want more of our members wanting to help in the Lord's work and we want to be their partner in this work. We have already felt a strong spirit from trying to work with some members and have them reach out to those we are already teaching. Things seem to building up and I can't wait to see where it all goes. 

Elder Hanks

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