Monday, February 23, 2015

Chinese New Year & putting God first

Feb 15, 2015 
This has been a most interesting week in which I Elder South and I have put a lot of our time and effort into doing the will of the Lord and not seeing too much come out of it. A big factor of this unfortunate turn of events is the Chinese New Year coming up! For all the Chinese people we teach and visit, it becomes hard for them to put God first, but when it is all said and done,  we know God will be the one most important above all.

A great teaching experience we had with this principle was this past week as we have been teaching this investigator for a while and there has been no real progression in him. We were beginning to think we should 'freeze' him until he is ready, when he asked us why he needed to obey the commandment of God. We told him why and he used some excuse like "everybody is different and it's hard to follow God." My amazing companion Elder South then taught and testified that God is one being and He is the only one that matters and he would not command us to do something if he didn't think EVERYONE could do it. That struck our investigator deep and he is now making changes to his job so he can attend church. Awesome!

Elder South is a great missionary and has an amazing insight when it comes to the gospel and he is just really funny! I love the guy! 

(We were practicing an object lesson where you light a tea bag on fire in your hand. You freak out because it looks like it's going to burn down and scorch your hand, but just before it gets to your hand if you have 'faith' the bag flies upward and leaves you unscathed. )
He and I gave a training this past week in zone meeting and it was a really fun and spiritual atmosphere. We emphasized developing the faith to find people to teach by just sharing with people what we love about the gospel. Too many times do we not find those people who are prepared because they don't see any relevance of the gospel to themselves because we don't share our testimony with them. Ever since then many great things have happened.

Some miracles we have witnessed this week include contacting in a place farther away from our usual location. During our finding we talked to a younger woman who is from the Philippines and has actually attended the church there; for 5 years but never got baptized! She accepted the invitation for us to come back. So cool!

The other miracle was yesterday. We finished our Sunday night by visiting a less active and her older brother who is not a member. Near the beginning of our meeting with them a group of the brother's friends  came in and joined in. They asked us what we are doing in Malaysia and Elder South and I hit them hard with what we came to Malaysia and Singapore to share. After a 45 minute discussion with them all 4 of the brother's friends and the brother himself agreed to meet with us next week and talk about the gospel more! We were so excited to come home and report that to our leaders. Good stuff is happening to us here in Miri, we are just afraid of the great business that is coming with Chinese New Year.

I'm both excited and nervous for the Chinese New Year events that are coming this week. We will see what will happens and how it affects our work. 

The hong bao envelope we received from the Buddhist Conference last week

The Chinese missionaries in Miri.

Elder Hanks

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