Monday, January 12, 2015

Double Birthday Week!

It was a wonderful week this week with Elder Geilman's AND my birthday. Member's and investigators helped us have a wonderful birthday week and I really did enjoy it. A member went out and bought me a black chicken. I don't really know how they do it-  but apparently the chicken is just naturally black- So that's kind of cool! Also, I not only got a candle for my cake, but I got a CANDLE for my birthday. So i lit it up outside.

I want to thank everyone for their birthday wishes!  You are all the best and so nice!

It was a lot of people's birthday this week so I
made some cupcakes for an investigator because it was his birthday and I just want to say that my character drawing with frosting has improved so much since I've been on my mission!! yeah? It was just a day full of cake and ice cream. What more could you ask for?Well,  It was also the day of teaching our free English class and we didn't really have a lot of people come. We were a little disappointed & wondered why - Then we took a second look at our flyers and we realized why we probably didn't have that many people come. Maybe next week.

Is it the misspelled word or that the flier is already in English
for those who can't read English yet.....!  

Growth in Miri is going great. We are planning on extending the hours from 2 to 3 like normal church and people seemed pretty excited about it! We are too because that will hopefully bring a greater understanding within the branch now and greater activity later!  And with the Chinese New Year coming up we will hopefully be finding more people to teach as we are constantly getting people inviting us over to their house for Chinese New Year. Everything is turning red....EVERYTHING! Happy soon to be Chinese New Year

From the now 20 year-old,
Elder Hanks
I think some one got a new birthday tie....?

Elder Geilmans Birthday was this week too! 

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