Monday, November 3, 2014

Our Sabbath stolen bike parts! Ahhh!

The scariest part of the week certainly wasn't halloween - but that our our bikes were stripped!!! We were in church during the afternoon and we locked our bikes to a pole like we always do. We have heard of instances where bikes have been stolen from the church and such, but we never thought it would happen at the church DURING church. After church was over and all the members had left,  leaving my companion and I to lock the church up,  we went outside and I actually unlocked the bikes themselves before my companion started to laugh. I turned to him and said, "What's so funny?" He chuckled, "Our seats are gone!!!" I looked and then I realized, the seats are gone..... We inspected our bikes further to discover that our thieves had also stolen the bearings that hold our tires to our bike frame too!  Fun stuff!  My companion and I walked home singing, "Count your many blessings." Another fun day in the mission! 

We have done  a lot of contacting in our area this past week and it has paid off a little bit. We have found many people to talk to and to share the gospel with. We still don't have any new investigators yet but we are hoping to have some this week. We are shooting for 2 baptisms by the end of the year which will be a miracle to the Miri Chinese branch we are in. We are anxious, faithfully waiting and looking for those who are prepared to hear the message! And I have full faith and confidence we will find them.

Other things that have happened this week, we have visited a lot of members and I am just so grateful that although we may not have hundreds of members, the members' hearts here are big enough to fill a branch of that size. They always give us fruit and such. So awesome! I just wish that I could do more for them and I hope to do that this week! Send some ideas our way too! 

So we don't really celebrate Halloween at all in East Malaysia so I will just have to wait until next year to get a ton of candy instead of fruit- I carved an apple because there are no pumpkins over here! But until then that's all I got this week for us really. We are going to be walking a little bit today - but it won't be that bad, bikes are getting fixed as we speak... as I email! 

Love you all!
Happy Halloween and November! Hey a shout out "Happy Birthday" to my brother Hunter! Happy 18 bro!

Elder Hanks

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