Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Big Miri transfers and record attendance!

Last week was transfers and we had a BIG change take place in our zone with every companionship affected except my companion and I. So with more than half the zone being new faces-  today is going to be a fun experience getting to know everyone as we are heading to the beach for our activity!  

Another new addition in our zone, that I am just super excited about,  is 2 new Chinese speaking sisters serving in our branch now. They are an answer to my many prayers that I have been having lately of how to bless and strengthen this area.  Heavenly Father really watches over us and I know that these two Sisters are going to help us out so much. 

(I asked about his district & zone) So I'm still district leader of the Miri district (which the zone only has one district--anyway) and now we are up to 14 missionaries in our zone. So 12 in the district that I'm over -  we have  2 senior couple missionaries, 6 elders, and 6 sisters.  Sometimes I get to teach and train at our Zone meetings and it has really been a fun calling!  
The mission also has many new Chinese missionaries all over the mission so we are hoping that it will help increase the Chinese members in the whole mission.

Due to the 2 new sisters coming in, Elder Geilman and I had to switch houses (we had the bigger house) with the 4 sisters who were already in Miri (they had a smaller house). So for 2-ish days we did that and that went relatively smooth with no real problems. The house we are now in is a little bit smaller, but that's okay because it's just Elder Geilman and I-  and so with 6 sisters in our older, bigger house- they should be loving life! 

Elder Geilman and I have been working so hard to find people, so the greatest miracle we had this week was on Saturday. We were riding around neighborhoods looking for Chinese houses but not really finding people. Feeling a little discouraged we decided to head back to get ready for our next appointment. On the way out of the neighborhood we passed a Chinese house with a father and 2 girls outside playing. We actually rode passed their house when I felt prompted to go back and talk to him. We talked with the father who said he was Buddhist, but had gone to our church before. We talked for a very long time and he was so happy we came and found him. He says he wants to try and come to church and he is open to us coming and teaching him the gospel. We are so happy and we will be sure to go back and find him. As we were finishing our conversation with him he seemed like he was going to start crying!!! I was so surprised but touched by this man's good heart. 

After eating too much Apple Crisp for dessert! 

We had a record high today in the Miri 3rd branch with 38 in attendance!

 We are working hard to find people and to invite them to church. Thank you for all your prayers and love. You're the best.
We are stretching to make a big difference in the Miri 3rd branch with our great new Chinese sisters and all the potential investigators we are finding and hoping to find. Love you all and I love this work!

Elder Hanks

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