Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A small Miri Miracle & keep an eye on your bike!

This week has been full of great things and other things that make you go, "Watch out! .."

To start off on a good note, we have a great zone of some of the best missionaries I have ever met and I love them all! We all went out to lunch together last week and they are all the best! They are all working so hard as the end of the year is quickly coming up!!!

We were also excited to have the AP's come with us, so we had Elder Wadsworth came on exchanges with us. He was there as we witnessed a miracle! So exciting! We couldn't believe it! The Lord is truly blessing us and the branch! 

We found a man last week who was very open to the gospel. We thought we would go back to his home that day with the AP, and that's  where the Spirit provided a powerful lesson with him. We  got to his house and he was just so happy we were there. He said he had a dream that we would come to his house that day!  - (we didn't tell him we were coming over, it was just a spur-the-moment thing) and that surprised us. We shared the Restoration with him and he accepted the Book of Mormon and was just so happy. He cried as we said the closing prayer and blessed him and his family. He was just so happy to have met us. He is a new investigator and we are so excited to go back this next week to teach him more. 

Another miracle we have, is that we got an investigator on date for baptism on Christmas day and we are so excited to actually be having a white Christmas this year with a baptism! We are also looking forward to other investigators and working hard to get their baptisms on date as we are starting to get closer to our baptism goal for the year. We are so happy for the work we have been blessed with here so far-  since  I felt like when I first got here there wasn't really any momentum with the Chinese branch, but I am glad that's changed. So we need all of you to keep praying for more miracles here in Miri! 

So for the "watch out" part of my letter...Some elders had their bike wheels stolen the other day so we are now on SUPER HIGH ALERT for anyone trying to steal any parts of our bikes. We are keeping our eyes peeled for suspicious looking people! And one eye on our bikes! Or for someone to ride by on a random bike made up of all of our stolen parts! 

The Christmas music has begun here...... So has my craving for peppermint. Hmmm...

Love you all! 

From Elder Hanks

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