Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Grateful and Great -full (stomach) Week!

Thanksgiving was a wonderful experience this past week. We retired to the Miri Senior couples' home for our dinner. We had so much food and dessert, it was too much & too good!  I just wish my stomach was bigger in order to fit more food into my body. I actually ate so much my stomach hurt as we went to our investigator's home later and even on the way home!  I think I have come to like apple crisp too much! Haha- wouldn't be Thanksgiving any other way! My companion and I had a good laugh about it! 

Our work is going great as we had 5 investigators at church and they loved it. We gave our investigating family a tour of the church before sacrament meeting started and they loved it. Then our other investigator who came, stayed for all the classes and participated quite a bit!  His little girl, who came with him, ran up to him after church and jumped into his arms saying, "Dad! It was so much fun! Can we come back next week?" The father just smiled and said, "Sure, why not?" so we are looking forward to their coming back next week!  Our branch president later reported to us in our missionary coordination meeting that our having 5 investigators in church was the most the branch has had in sacrament meeting in over 2 years!!! I was so surprised, but this helped build up our branch president's confidence in us as missionaries. I am loving Miri right now!

We had a branch FHE and everyone loved it. We are working with many investigators right now. When I first got here we had 0 investigators, but we now have 10!!! It's a great improvement and we are continuing to find more. We are now praying for a wonderful white Christmas with baptisms and many miracles. We are hoping to go caroling and my companion, Elder Geilman and I, plan  to go caroling, retire back to the church, and eat doughnuts and hot milo (a chocolate drink like cocoa) as if it's winter here- just like we would at home & to get in the Christmas spirit!  When we go we are going to wear our scarfs too ! (which you can see in the pictures attached). We taught English class this past week and a student in our class went to K.L. this past week and came back to give us this scarfs. Everybody says I look like a Russion babooska(grandma). They say it's the nose.  

I'm so grateful to be serving a mission at this time, it's just the best and I'm so excited for this upcoming Chirstmas season. Everyone knows December is monsoon season and it really is. it's pouring rain right now and so we are bundling up, like it's going to keep us dry. The mission is the best though and I love serving the Lord. I am so grateful for the hope of Christ.

He gives us so much hope that we can look forward to eternal families, peace, and joy. What more could we look for. That is what I'm most grateful this week, the hope that Christ gives. With hope, we can be happy and joyful. Without hope, joy is a whole 'nother world away. Luckily, Christ brought hope into this world and it's because of His life that we celebrate Christmas. Let us remember Him this Christmas season. Enjoy all the Christmas music, lights, foods, and snow. 

Love you all!!!
Elder Hanks

Nov 23, 2014  email : 

For this upcoming Thanksgiving we have plans to go and eat our Thanksgiving dinner at the senior couple's house with our entire zone. It will be delicious and we are all excited.

We have just seen so many miracles this past week. I want to thank you for all of your prayers and such on our behalf. Because of your prayers and the Spirit of the Lord the branch we are serving here is booming and we have new investigators who are on date and will hopefully be baptized before the end of the year. 

The Miri zone I am serving in now just hit its baptismal goal for the year and we are so happy, but we are not stopping there!  As a district, we are hoping for many baptisms on December 27th!

We had our branch president come with us to teach some investigators who have been struggling to find out if this is the church they want.  Our branch president was there and taught them about the Restoration in like 5 minutes, answered their questions, put them on date, we said a prayer, and we left. I turned to him and asked him how he did that!  He turned back and replied, "I've been with missionaries before." 
We have another investigator who is progressing very well and also wants to be baptized. He's great!!! 

We are having so much fun here in Miri!!! 

Love you all! 
These are pictures of our p-day activity today.

Elder Hanks
Happy Thanksgiving!

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