Monday, October 27, 2014

Just enjoying a little sun bear...!

So last P-day,  after I emailed you all,  my zone went to a crocodile farm where we saw tons of crocs, but my favorite part wasn't the crocs - even though we got to feed them!  My favorite part was holding a young sun bear and playing with it. It was biting me, but it would just nip at you like a little puppy dog, so it didn't hurt and I just wrestled with it a little bit. Fun stuff! 

This week doesn't have as much to report as I usually do. We are still looking for more people to teach and to help come unto Christ. We weren't able to have any lessons this week because of lessons falling through and such. I learned that the Miri branch we are in has a TON of less active  members that we are trying to find and we have actually found quite a few of them. We are tracking down where they are living now and hope to do all we can in helping  them become active again in the church.  We need your prayers for this area! We are still looking for those who are ready to accept the gospel and change their lives for the better but for now- we still  really haven't found anyone. Our faith is still strong though and we are looking forward to any miracles the Lord has ready for us here. I have truly learned how important it is for all of us to become converted to the gospel and  to develop a personal testimony of why we belong to this church! 

We had some training this past week with Pres. Mains and  I got to see my old companion who trained me in Sibu almost a year ago, Elder Earl!  It was great seeing him after so long! 
Sorry, this is a short email this week !  Enjoy the pics! 

Love you all!
Elder Hanks

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