Monday, September 22, 2014

Time Flies!

I know I don't want to talk about it too much because it's so sad and such, but it's been a year- just sayin'


This week we went to Singapore for our September Zone Conference and it was all about building our faith so we can achieve our goal of baptisms for the year. We are all so excited about the goal and about achieving it. Elder Roundy and I have set high goals for Sitiawan and we are hoping to finish the process of making it a miracle area.  In order to do this we have been praying for miracles and we have had some this wonderful week. 
more beautiful moon cakes! Delicious! 
my companion, Elder Roundy while we were in Singapore
Improvements in our branch:
We are always looking to improve in our branch and its functions. Two weeks ago we had an American couple move to Sitiawan for work and this past week the sister was called as the Young Women's President in our Branch. She got right to work and is hoping to help all the Young Women do their Personal Progress. We are so excited and so are all the Young Women. They've never really had a chance to do personal progress so they can't wait to get started.
Our District President came to Sitiawan for the first time this year and was able to sit in and give counsel of what Sitiawan needed. It was great to have him because it allows him to see how we can improve and then to give counsel. That was a blessing. 

Wednesday morning we were in Singapore and we also had an appointment with an investigator that night!  It was the only day of the week he was available to meet so that's why we scheduled it for that day. We caught our afternoon flight to Ipoh and bused to Sitiawan. Taxied home, threw our luggage in the apartment,  then jump on our bikes and ride as fast as we could over to the church to arrive right on time for the investigator to walk up to the church. Talk about flying all over the world to spread the gospel! 
We had met this investigator right outside our church. He works right next door and we contacted him like two weeks ago. So he showed up today and we went inside to talk. He is amazing. We sat down and he just started pouring out his questions and concerns. One of the concerns he had was that he was afraid we wouldn't want to meet with him because he is Buddhist. We were like, "No! We'd love to keep meeting with you." He was happy about this and then the Spirit started to work in him as his questions got deeper and more spiritual. After some time he said, looking at us and pondering deeply, "You are special. Just REALLY special." This touched my heart, but then he said, "Why did you talk to me that day outside of the church? No one has ever said 'hi' to me like that before." The Spirit entered my heart and helped us continue to teach and talk to him about the church and his Heavenly Father. We talked for almost 2 hours and even then he still had questions to ask. We are meeting with him tomorrow and are so happy.
Moon Lantern Festival 

Less Actives: 
We had youth conference this past week and a lot of the youth in our branch went. Well we encouraged ALL of the youth, inactive or not,  to go to youth conference and all the ones that went had such a wonderful experience. All of them bore their testimony of the gospel at youth conference and they all came to church on Sunday excited and helping to pack the chapel full of people. We had a great turn out for church and sacrament meeting.

If the work continues to go like this we will have to expand our chapel by the end of the year. (Not literally,  but actually very close to something like that.)

I'm loving my mission so far. I am converted to this gospel and to God. He is my Heavenly Father.

I pray that my mission is just as great and even greater this next year than this past year has been. 

TRANSFERS- Just heard about transfers and I'm staying in Sitiawan for another transfer! Elder Roundy & I are so excited & have high goals to accomplish!

Lovin' Singapore! 

Love you all,

Your Singaporean/Malaysian Elder,

Elder Hanks

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