Monday, September 29, 2014

Blessings are pouring in!

We have been so blessed this week with many of the Lord's miracles He has prepared for us. 

We are trying to perfect our area book this week as our wonderful mission president's wife has asked us to do and what a miracle that has been. We have been able to find 4 former investigators who still have interest to learn from it and our area book has really lost some weight this past week(I'm jealous- haha!). So that has helped us to improve our faith because we really need faith to have more miracles! 

One set back from our fantastic week was we had an investigator and an investigating family drop us on the same day which put a damper on things for a little bit. But my day was saved by a less active and his text to me later that night. He is 17 years old and has been less active for a very long time. He went to youth conference a few weeks ago and ever since then he's changed. He texted me that night and asked if he could come and do missionary work with us the next day. He did and he really enjoyed it so much. He wants to continue doing missionary work and wants to serve a mission later when he is older! Another miracle! He is just so awesome! 

On Friday we had a fireside we have been planning for a while. It was a fireside of 'Hold to the Rod.' Elder Roundy had a great idea from an EFY activity he did once. We blindfolded everyone and took them out into a park later in the evening as it was getting dark. We told everyone they couldn't take off their blindfolds and they couldn't talk(they talked anyways- haha!). Other than that they could do whatever they wanted to do. They wandered around the park aimlessly for about 20 minutes, all the while I stood next to a long railing in the park ringing a very small bike bell. After 20 minutes of ringing the bell occasionally a young women in the branch heard the bell and came over. The 'rod' has a little rise right in front of it and I stood there and watched her slowly walk up the rise and right to the rod. I grabbed her hand and whispered to her, "Hold to the Rod." She did so and continued down to the end where the 'tree of life' was there and someone took her blindfold off for her. Over the next 40 minutes everyone slowly started to make their way to the rod and cling to it. Everyone eventually got to the rod but it was so interesting to watch. Some people would grab onto the rod and go straight to the tree of life. Others would maybe let go or even start to go backwards. It was so interesting to watch and everyone learned from it as we taught a lesson about it afterwards. It was a great activity.

Finally we had a beautiful baptism this past weekend. If you remember back to July when we had a dance activity at the church - we had instructed the members to bring a friend to the activity. One member did and she (the investigator)  had fun, came to church regularly, was taught by us, and baptized this past weekend. It was so beautiful. Elder Roundy performed his first baptism and he did great! I was able to conduct the baptismal service and it was so fun! It was a very spiritual experience for her and she is so strong in the gospel. She now wants her mother and her brother to learn about the gospel too - so we are being prayerful for future baptisms! 

When I first got here to Sitiawan the branch had an average of 21 people to sacrament meeting. I has now DOUBLED! We had 40 people in Sacrament meeting this past week.  We went around one day, all afternoon, with the Young Womens President to visit all the YW explaining Personal Progress because they really don't know much about it. We are starting mutual this week and things are going to happen here! I can feel it! 

My faith really has been strengthened by seeing the fruits of our labors. We are working hard to help many come unto Christ and we feel like we can achieve our goals! 
testing out a translator for Sacrament meeting
playing archery.. 

I love you all and I'm so excited to get another year full of miracles! I'm always praying for you all and wish us luck! 

Elder Hanks

so serious  :) 

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