Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Transfers & Training.....! YEA!

As you know Elder Tan arrived this past week to help me continue the work here in Sitiawan, we had transfer news come in today and unfortunately my fantastic 4th companion in Sitiawan and companion of 13 days - is already leaving! So fast!!!! But instead of just receiving a new companion like usual I have the blessing of training a new missionary! I am so excited for the opportunity to train a new missionary. Any one have any advice?

This past week was a week full of work and we got a great new investigator this past week!  We had an activity a long time ago that she came to and had a lot of fun at. Ever since, she has been coming to church every week with her friend who is a member. Initially I wanted to just ask her if we could start teaching her right away but I felt impressed to wait and give her time. Last Sunday she and her member-friend came up and just said, "Elder Hanks can you teach me/her the gospel?" "YES!!!" We had a great first lesson with her! She's looking awesome to progress in the gospel  and we hope to get her ready to be baptized by September most likely. Whoo!!!

Another cool miracle is that we felt impressed to go to the nearby gym one day. We did so and started to work out when there were these two kids that I thought we knew. A member was there with us and turns out he is friends with these kids. We started talking to them and told them who we were. Before I knew it the two kids were like, "We want to come to your church." YES!!!"  So were happy to see them show up for sacrament meeting the next Sunday. Cool miracle!

Not that much happened this week because of the normal things happening that we just love to be a part of. I have really felt the need for  boldness growing in me - to just do things and not stop. I can honestly say with my past 6 months here in Sitiawan, the Lord has definitely been preparing me to become a trainer. I have never felt more ready to train than ever before and I hope that we can make a difference in Sitiawan while I'm still here. I will probably be leaving Sitiawan next transfer but I'll be sure to make the most of the time we have here. 

I'm sorry, I forgot my camera at home so I'll have twice as many pictures to send next week. Love you all!

Elder Hanks

PS I'll be hitting my year mark this transfer so that will be super exciting! Time flies by so fast!!!!
Half way over!  CRAZY!! 

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