Monday, August 18, 2014

And the Trainee is......!

A week ago today I received the news that I would be training this next transfer and I was so excited!  The trip to Singapore was nerve-racking and sad; saying good-bye to my previous companion, Elder Tan. I really love Elder Tan and it's so wonderful to see,  that despite the few short days that we spent together serving the Lord & working together, it's still possible to grow to love them and I love Elder Tan so much.
with Ekder Tan
So I got to Singapore and hung out for the first day with other missionaries and did some good contacting giving out many name cards. When coming back to the church I saw all the new missionaries standing around all looking like they all did not know what they are doing, and one of them is my son. (son refers to the brand new incoming missionary getting trained by someone "older" in the mission) 

The next day seemed to drag on in the training as President and Sister Mains talked to the new missionaries about our mission and our expectations. Finally the moment arrived for the slideshow of missionaries to see who they are training and my son is......

waiting around in Singapore for a new companion!


Elder Roundy is totally a boss and I love him already. He's from Bountiful, Utah, went to Bountiful High and is just so happy to be here. I'm grateful for his attitude because here in Sitiawan we work hard and we hit the ground running. We are running fast this week in the work and we have a lot to get done in these next few weeks. I love Elder Roundy so much although I feel a little bit bad because it's only his 4th day in the field and we went hiking this morning, only later to find that he had a leech on his leg sucking a good amount of blood. He's okay but I felt bad that he's already getting REALLY down and dirty in Sitiawan. It'll be fun! he's got a great attitude!!!

A miracle that happened Yesterday was that we were going contacting around a certain area when we decided to go home and prepare for a later appointment. On the way home I saw these two kids that were kinda young, a brother and a sister, riding bikes home alone. I asked them where they were going-home-and then asked if I could help them home safely. The younger girl was really friendly and said, "Yes!" So my companion, me  and a member followed them home and when we arrived at the home the member turned to us and said, "I know this place! This is a member's home!!!" I was shocked. "What? This is a member's home?" The member looked at me and said, "Yeah." 
The miracle is that I had never been to this home or met these people and here they are! Members in Sitiawan that I don't even know. We invited them to FHE tonight and we are so excited that they are coming!!!
We have been finding a lot of people and trying to get Sitiawan in PRIME shape as it has a lot of 'dents' and 'cracks' but we'll smooth out the rough edges! ;) 
I'm glad to be training right now and with a new excitement in Sitiawan we are focusing on  more activities to get people involved and wanting to come to church more often. 
This is my weekly report and I love you all!!!!
More next time.

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