Monday, August 25, 2014

A week of work and miracles!

This week we have gotten down and in the dirt here in Sitiawan. I can honestly say that we are making a difference here and being obedient. The Lord has seen our efforts and is definitely allowing us to see his hand in our work here in Sitiawan!
Also, it's the start of rainy- monsoon season so it has POURED rain just about every day for more than 3 hours each. The day where I saw the miracles come the most this week,  was a day completely covered with rain and thunder showers. I didn't even see the sun that day and we were just so wet. But it's okay as long as this important work continues to go forth rain or shine!

Elder Roundy & Elder Hanks

We had our Zone Meeting at the beginning of this week where we received training on our areas and specifically our mission vision. We have a goal as a mission to get so many baptisms this year.  It's August and we are beginning to feel the pressure to get this goal done! It 's not about the numbers, but how people and countries can change with the influence of the gospel & its members. IT"S ABOUT THE PEOPLE and how the gospel and Christ can help them.  Our Zone Leaders emphasized our key indicators for our investigators and their importance to get to baptism. So  we left Zone Meeting Tuesday with a good strong feeling that we are going to do good, work hard & accomplish our goals. We had a meeting with the Branch President to coordinate our efforts and we went to work, what happened was that miracles followed!
Zone Meeting & Sis. Chris! 

We have been applying the principle in Preach My Gospel to talk to EVERYONE and what a difference it has made. We have contacted so many people this week and ran into old investigators that we feel like we have too much to do this week we don't even know how to plan. It's like trying to pack everything in your house into only seven boxes, what goes first and where do you put it? But it's an exciting feeling for us and we are looking forward to the progression of the gospel in these people. 

We have just started teaching this investigator last week and we taught her this week about the Plan of Salvation. As we were talking about Christ's atonement and His Resurrection, the promise of resurrection and eternal families given to everyone, I asked her if she has had anyone in her family or close friends recently pass away. She looked at her friend who is our member present, looked back to us and said quietly, "My Grandfather." who just passed away two weeks earlier. The Spirit came into the room and we felt impressed to give her the invitation to be baptized in September, she accepted. Whoo!!! Miracle there. 

This next miracle happened right after the miracle I just talked about but here is a little background. 
We met this girl at a church activity about two months ago and got her phone number. We tried to meet up with her and she tried to come to church but it didn't really work out and she only came to church like once. So this past week I just had a feeling to start texting her to try and meet with her. So I did and set up a meeting at the church right after our appointment with the girl I just mentioned above who is now on date to be baptized.
 So as soon as that appointment ended we biked hard and fast through the rain to get to the church where this potential girl was waiting for us. We got there and together we went inside. Some of our members were inside the church cleaning the building getting ready for church the next day. We walked in and sat down in the chapel where this girl just began to pour out her heart to us and talk to us about all of her trials in her life. We were so touched that in our first real meeting with her she was so open. We cried together, talked together, laughed together and ultimately she said that she really liked this church and how everyone treats each other as family. My heart started to pound right before I heard her start to say, "I really want to be part of this church." I then leaned closer to her and asked, "Baptism?" like wondering if that is what she was suggesting. She then nodded her head and said, "Baptism." We were on cloud 9 as we rode to our next appointment! This is one prepared investigator. But it doesn't stop there.
After we got home an hour later or so we received a text from her saying how grateful she was that we were there to help and listen to her talk and then she said, "I am ready to be baptized I can't wait." We are meeting with her tomorrow and are going to put her on date for two weeks from today. She already knows a lot and now we just need to see if she is ready and knows the basics for baptism. We are so happy right now! The Lord is truly in this work and is ready to pour out the blessings and miracles! 

I am so grateful that I get to train. My Companion Elder Roundy is just so awesome and I feel like the training is for me to help me remember some of the basic things that I have forgotten. Just like everything in the church, it is good to have repetition in what we teach & to always review the basics. Elder Roundy is so awesome and I'm so happy to be his companion here. He's always trying his best to speak chinese, to share his testimony, and talk to anyone he sees. He's so great!  
We are loving Sitiawan here and we will continue to work to the end. Love you all and am so happy to hear about all of these updates and news coming from you all.
This work really is the work of God and I'm just so humble to be a part of it.
This really is true!
Elder Hanks

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