Monday, July 14, 2014

Mid transfer transfer & the Influence of the Spirit

Last Monday, right after emailing you people, we headed out for out Zone Meeting in Penang that was to be taking place the next day. It takes a while to travel to our Zone Meeting so we left a day early. The bus ride there was crazy and my companions and I thought we were going to die on this tiny road an Indian guy decided to speed through, so we said a prayer to live AND our prayer was answered!  :) But, on the bus ride there we received a phone call from our Mission President and as soon as he called I knew something was up. He talked with my 1st companion, Elder Kong, for some time and then talked to my 2nd companion, Elder Loke. At the end of the phone call Elder Kong turns to me just surprised and says" I'm leaving Sitiawan."

What happened was that there was a new elder who needed to be trained by Elder Loke, but passport problems came up so he was not able. Elder Loke came to Sitiawan and then the new missionary's passport 'worked' so our President Sent Elder Kong instead to train. So after the Zone meeting on Tuesday, Elder Kong left Wednesday morning and is gone, just gone that fast. My new and third companion here in Sitiawan is Elder Loke,  who who goes home in two weeks. He is just so much fun and I love him! He his such a bro and wants to play a lot. His teaching skills are amazing and I admire his teaching skills. We are having so much fun together as we have gone to Pangkor Island's beaches, and just have had so much fun!!!!  Because he leaves in 2 weeks, before the next official transfer, I'm not sure what will happen with me for the remaining couple of weeks until transfer! Crazy! 

We were teaching our neighbor who is on date for baptism,  about the Restoration again and helping her understand everything for her upcoming baptism. It was a great short lesson and at the end we asked her to pray for us. She was shy at first but then prayed for us giving a wonderful prayer asking Heavenly Father if the Book of Mormon was true. I felt the Spirit very strongly and I was impressed to ask her what she thought of her prayer. She said she didn't feel anything amazing, but she felt like someone was listening to her prayer. My heart burned and I was so happy. I asked her who she thought was listening and when she said, "Heavenly Father" it was really powerful and she knows the Book of Mormon is true.

Another great spiritual experience happened Yesterday. A young man in the Branch didn't come to church today so we decided to visit him last minute. His friend is currently investigating the church so I really wanted him to be more active to help influence his friend. We went over and started talking to him about his friend and you could start to feel the Spirit enter the room. We continued to talk to him and we invited him to help us really get his friend progressing more. The only problem is the investigator's father is opposed a little bit. So we came to the conclusion to all pray, there was about 5 of us there, and ask the Lord for our Investigator's father's heart to be softened. So all five of us knelt in prayer and the young man said a prayer for us to ask our Father in Heaven to soften his friend's father's heart. The Spirit was so strong as he said this prayer and I was just overwhelmed. It was so powerful. 

This week has been good and hope this next one will be better.
Love you all,
Elder Hanks

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