Monday, July 7, 2014

it's Durian Season!

I received a call from our Mission President with the news that we would be having a new elder joining us in Sitiawan for the purpose of helping my current companion Elder Kong build up the Iban/Malay-speaking group. I received that call on Tuesday and on Thursday Elder Loke showed up at the bus station and we started my first tri-companionship here in Sitiawan. Elder Kong is really happy about having him here so we are all getting along really well and Elder Loke is such a great elder. Both he and Elder Kong will have completed their mission by the end of this transfer and will be heading home. They are both so awesome!!!

In Malaysia there is a fruit called the Durian or in other words, the King of Fruit. It only comes about two or three times a year and when it does it is so popular!!!!! The only thing is that is smells so BAD!!!!! It has a sweet bitter smell that makes it stink and the smell is really strong. There are signs all over in many buildings that say No Durian. The reason is because the smell is really strong and can fill up the entire room, building or store. Despite the foul/weird smell it has, it's actually really good. It's something that I probably wouldn't prefer to eat everyday as many Malaysians would, but it's pretty good and very few missionaries actually like to eat it. All the natives love to give the missionaries durian to eat to see if they will like it. Luckily I like it.
So this week was the 4th of July that we all love to celebrate. The way I celebrated it was with a lesson with our Jehovah's witness and a huge burger to eat. Our branch has an American couple who moved here this April and the husband is a convert to the church.  We invited him to sit in with us for the lesson and he agreed. As we were beginning our discussion with the Jehovah's Witness, our member began to talk with our investigator and for the next hour and a half they Bible Bashed, our investigator scrambling for scriptures and our member calling upon the spirit of heaven to come down! Haha - it was pretty fun.  At one point our member bore his solid witness of the Savior Jesus Christ and the power of the Book of Mormon and my companions and I were just floored by the power and truth this man held. I was so filled with the Spirit and with fire that I didn't care whether or not our investigator accepted the testimony or not, I did! Awesome guy! Which by the way the investigator is oblivious to the Spirit so our member's testimony went right over his head...oh well.

Some good news about the work is that we have gotten two of our investigators on date for baptism!! One for the end of this month and the other at the beginning of the next month. I am excited for them and I am also excited to see an increase in our church attendance grow. We have been able to find some new investigators from our last month's youth activity and we are looking forward to this month's activity to see if we can find some more!!! Things are looking really good for Sitiawan and I'm happy & excited to be its district leader, a district leader of 3! 

Love you all and here's some pics of us and some members hiking this morning-  all rocking the same t-shirt. Milk Builds Muscle.

Love you all,
Elder Hanks 

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