Monday, July 21, 2014

Great week with a Presidential visit!

I have felt really good about our area this past week and we have pulled off very high numbers for our area. It was a really good thing too because right now the mission is about to lose a lot of Chinese Elders going home off their missions and we are going to be short. So we may be having an area or two closing for a little while until we get a boost in Chinese Elders. Elder Loke is going home next week so we are pushing for a hard-working, hard-working out, week full of playing, working, singing, praying, preaching, and laughing! 

We had our wonderful President, President Mains, come to Sitiawan and pay us a visit. We were so happy to have them over and visit with them. They really are such wonderful people that really care about you. It was so great having them here & being able to show them how hard we have been working in this area. We went out to lunch with them and our  wonderful Sister Chris Liew.  Sis. Chris is sooooo awesome in taking care of all of us missionaries!

So my companion, Elder Loke, is a very spontaneous person and one day we had time to go contacting, but not knowing where to go. Elder Loke took out a pen and his hand, then we took turns saying "Right" or "Left" and wrote it on his hand. We then followed the directions on his hand until we finally ended up in the middle of a forest type place utterly lost. Oh well, it was fun so we took pictures and Elder Loke was a little upset for a minute, just a minute.

Yesterday Indonesia was burning stuff like crazy so Malaysia is just poluted with smoke and gunk, a member gave us masks to wear so we wouldn't die, but we just looked like scary people as we rode our bikes. Thanks to an awesome member who rocked the glasses and such with me while we were on splits! 

We also had a youth activity yesterday that was so much fun and Elder Loke was a party and a half.

The Spirit has been felt so strong as we have been making the Branch grow in faith and we are starting to feel it's love and also it's need. We are going to try starting home teaching this week for the branch and get things going! Wish us luck!  The Branch is great but still has a lot to improve on, but don't worry, with faith like theirs, anything is possible to achieve! We also have a baptism scheduled for this Saturday! 

Love you all and I'm 10 months out! (Double digits)

Elder Hanks

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