Monday, July 28, 2014

Best week !

BAPTISM!!! We had a beautiful baptism this past weekend of our neighbor across the street and I've never seen someone so happy to come out of the waters of baptism before!  I was blessed to baptize her and she came out of the water, everything was so great, but when she gave her testimony after she was baptized-  it shook my body and filled my heart with the Spirit so much!  She is going to be a fantastic member of this church. It was probably my most spiritual experience I have had on my mission so far. 

We have other investigators progressing towards baptism as well and there are several potential investigators that we have met with or they have come to church and they have told their friends, our members, that they want to be baptized! They want it and we haven't even taught them yet! How cool is that! We are hoping to ask them about it this week and begin teaching them!!!! Sitiawan is so much fun!

However, we are soon going to be having a big loss here, Elder Loke is finishing his mission this week. He will be leaving Sitiawan on Friday and going home to Ipoh. (Elder Loke is native to East Malaysia, so Ipoh is only about 1 -  1  1/2 hours away)  I don't know what's going to happen to me or to Sitiawan, but we are anticipating our Mission President to call us anytime soon and let us know what is actually going to happen, so next week I'll let you all know! We'll have a party with the members this week for him. 

This past week we went to Pangkor Island for the last time and there we found some moto helmets. We thought it would be fun to try and be like the Armies of Helaman as best as we can, but we got "locked up" later for playing around. :) 


There was also a very cool, and large Buddhist temple we went to that is like the temple of Pangkor Island. It was huge with statues, ponds, bridges, and just a whole bunch of things, it was just so cool. 

We had a missionary workshop in church Yesterday and it mainly focused on members and thier purpose in helping hasten the work. I have never seen the branch so excited about helping us. We had everyone write down some names they could refer to us and they all wrote down many names and are going to give them to us this week. We are excited about that!

This week has just been a spiritual week and now Elder Loke is leaving; super sad but also really excited about by next companion, Elder _____

Love you all!!! Elder Hanks

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