Sunday, June 15, 2014

Things are a bit slow in this neck of the woods.....

Things this week have been very very slow and with members from far places coming here for vacation and investigators leaving for vacation it's a struggle to get things going. I love the area of Sitiawan very much and the members here are so awesome & amazing. We had a fun week together even though investigator work has been going very slow this past week.

A member, E......, came back this week for vacation and held a youth activity at the church in which all the youth came and had a fun activity from 3:30 to 10:00! We had food and games where all the youth really enjoyed themselves and enjoyed the food. We played games that to me were hilarious and I could not stop laughing at how funny they were. When I get back we are playing the games we played.

It has been a struggle to find people and get good lessons in when we can. My companion got sick one night and we had to cancel some good appointments, but good thing he felt better the next day to go teach. I have been working hard in finding investigators and this week I tried looking through the area book for former investigators names. Of six or so names I found, three have agreed to meet with us and we met with one last week and he is just a great find. I hope to see him progress soon.
not that much to report this week.
Hopefully there will be more to tell you next week!
Elder Hanks

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