Monday, June 30, 2014

There & back again in time to Party...!

June 29, 2014
This week was our Zone Conference held in Singapore, so we had a great vacation trip to Singapore to go and listen to our President speak to us on repentance. But before we left to Singapore we had planned on having a youth activity on Saturday for all of the youth to invite their friends to the church for a non-pressured activity- just to come to the church. We planned a little bit with the members about this activity and then we came up with the idea for a dance. We felt bad though because we had to leave for Singapore and then come back- leaving the members to do most of the work until we got back from Zone Conference!

(picture from Sis. Liew- the amazing missionary mom that takes such great care of our missionaries over there!) 
The Zone Conference itself was really great and I was able to run into so many great missionaries that I cannot possibly attach all of the pictures I got with them! This is also a sad conference because many great 'legendary' missionaries are leaving this transfer for home; it's crazy! We are losing a lot this transfer and then again in the next transfer as well. I don't know what we are going to do, but as for me and transfer news: I'm staying in sweet little Sitiawan for another transfer with my great companion Elder Kong. It'll be a great next transfer because of some things that are recently happening in our area. 
But finishing talking about the Zone Conference: things in the mission have been going pretty slow, but our President exhorted us to repent and get back on course in order to fulfill our mission's goal for 2014: 545 Baptisms. Right now we are at 147... We have work to do. 

Now I'm really excited about the area of Sitiawan - especially because of our activity we held on Saturday, the dance. The members and us worked really hard to prepare and decorate the church for the dance and it looked really good. We told all of the youth in our branch to invite at least one friend to the dance and for the most part they did.A few didn't bring any friends while others brought more than one to the activity so it worked out great!  It was super fun as we had a spiritual lesson to start off, food right after to eat, than the dancing started with some members and us missionaries doing an pre-practiced dance. 
We have been trying to get a members oldest daughter, trying to get her talking with us and investigating the church. We knew that she liked Korean stuff and dancing so we invited her to the activity to teach us a dance. We practiced it in the afternoon and performed it at the activity that night. It was a great activity and a success for us missionaries!
We had set up a photo booth with props and costumes the youth could put on and wear, we then told them we would take their picture and later would deliver them to those who wants it. We got four contacts
and one of them even came to church the next day!!! So we got one new investigator this past week and hoping for two more this next week and they are looking like investigators with real potential!!! 

I'm excited for this next transfer that we have. This is going to be an interesting one because Elder Kong is returning home at the end of this transfer so I may be here a REALLY long time (to stay & train someone new in this area), but that's okay, it's sweet here.

This morning we went hiking up Sitiawan's tallest mountain and that was pretty hard, but really good to have that kind of exercise. I haven't worked out really well these past 6 weeks so I'm hoping to get into shape soon this transfer. Don't know how-  but I need to lose some weight! 

The best part of the week was the dance, definitely, super fun. One last thing I have to say about the dance-  is that my companion can sure look like Psy from Gangam Style when he wears ray bans--just saying!

(posted this one before- reposting to see Elder Kong & his  Psy likeness) 
Love you all

Elder Hanks

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