Sunday, June 15, 2014

I'm an uncle, now back to those monkeys.....

This week my thoughts have mainly been focused on New York where my older sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Remie. She is absolutely the cutest(yep, cutest) little girl ever and I'm so excited to be an uncle. It's a weird experience but I'm so excited and this has really boosted my spirits this week.

This week has been kind of hard as the work is continuously getting harder. On Friday we had a full-packed day, many appointments with great investigators and less actives to meet with. As the day progressed, every single appointment, at the last minute, cancelled on us leaving us with an empty day to do nothing but go to the Seminary class later that night. It was sad to see our full-day turn into an empty-day. So I've been feeling a little low recently but I received word today about my new baby niece, and I am feeling a new drive to get back to my area and make a difference. 

This week we are traveling for our zone meeting in Penang, a LONG distance travel by bus and boat. so I want to get back and make a difference. 

So this week I took my companion to meet our Jehovah's witness friend and a note to remember is that my companion is a fighter at heart. As our investigator shared his doctrine that didn't really make sense, I could feel my companion getting more and more tense. I am pretty much used to Jehovah's witness by now and have learned for a fact that the doctrine they believe is not only false but actually sometimes contradicts itself.  so as they talked it really felt like there was going to be a fight going down. I tried to get us to leave but neither my companion nor the investigator wanted our discussion to end. I finally got us out the house and back home.

I just want to give out a Happy Father's Day to my awesome Father who is now a Grandfather and a Father's Day to my brother-in-law who is a new Father. 

So this past week we had a follow up appointment with the monkeys on Pangkor Island and we had a great member present as you can tell. It was a beautiful, hot day and we biked up and down all these mountains. And yes, I am doing the Titanic; but don't worry, no icebergs in Malaysia--not that I've ever heard of.

Hope to have a hard-working week and full of fun with Zone meeting today and tomorrow.

Love you all.
Especially you Remie,
Elder Hanks

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