Monday, May 19, 2014

Transfers! but I'm staying...!

This week with the end of the transfers coming on things have just been going slow and both my companion and I feel a winding down. So it's really good that transfers are every six weeks. No matter what transfers brings-  things get 'refreshed' to give us a new drive. 

Elder Lee has been here for a long 6 months and is hoping to finally serve in East Malaysia so I'm hoping his dream comes true. But he has been feeling sick this past week with headaches and drowsiness-. With it being the last week of transfers and a lot of rumors/feeling of Elder Lee leaving Sitiawan, Elder Lee and I made a short little bucket list to do before he leaves. It includes eating at our favorite western restaurant, bowling(which I got a highscore of 138 with a turkey, Whoo!!), eating some good indian roti canai, and going to Pangkor Island one more time. 

We visitied Pangkor Island one more time with our recent convert before this transfer, but we went to find and teach her friend who is living there. Fortunately we found her friend and taught her, but unfortunately we didn't see any monkeys this time to teach! haha - I need to check up on their Book of Mormon reading!  Teaching her friend was an interesting experience because we started out in Mandarin Chinese, a language I understand, but soon our member, Elder Lee, and the investigator all switched into Hokin, a Chinese Dialect, a language I don't know. So I just sat there for the rest of the lesson having absolutely no idea what was being said!  Then everyone closed their eyes and the investigator began to practice praying. So apparently we taught her how to pray, who Jesus Christ is, and how Heavenly Father loves us as His children. Good times! 

Now, the Jehovah Witness we've been talking to -  we had a very humorous lesson with him this past week. As we sat down he instantly began to talk about a 'problem' our church has--tithing. Of course as he spoke about his 'concerns' I knew that he really didn't care about tithing but just tried to find flaws in our religion. Elder Lee kept asking questions that were good questions but we found were easy for our investigator to answer. I just sat there and listened for a while. We somehow ended up reading from Ephesians and keeping somewhat on topic-  I began to talk about how much I love Paul's words in this book and turned to Ephesians 4 to talk about the foundation of Christ's Church--prophets and apostles! haha ! We read this and expressed how we NEED prophets and apostles as Paul so clearly states and our investigator agreed with what I was saying until I think he figured out where I was going so he became a little defensive to the topic.
 My talking about prophets and apostles and the obvious necessity for them really showed him that they are necessary in Christ's true church and I think he knew it. But because "his heart was not open"(quote from him) he just wouldn't accept it and he went on a rant a little bit on how our church doesn't make sense and he began sharing the 'deep doctrine' of his church and how it makes sense. 
As he shared what he did,  so many question marks were appearing over my head as he spoke. Finally he said, "Do you believe you can live for eternity in flesh and blood?" I figured he meant with a physical body so I said, "Yes I do." Already excited he sat up confident and said, "My friend let me share with you a scripture that will absolutely shock you. Shock you." We turned to 1 Corinthians 15:50 which speaks about how we can't dwell in flesh in bone in heaven or something like that. But I kept reading in verse 51-53 where it spoke of transfiguration!!!! I asked him, "What does that 'change in a twinkling of an eye' mean?" He of course avoided the question and then shared with us the most ridiculous, contrary piece of doctrine, I have ever heard. He said, after Jesus Christ was resurrected he had a "Spirit body. A body not of flesh and bone." I was just blown away!!!!!!! Say what!!!!!!!!! We had already been there for a very very long time so , we made a very kind move to leave with my thinking, "We are not coming back probably." When our investigator said, "Same time next week?" What!!!!! So we are visiting him next week too.... Oh boy...!

I taught all the lessons on Sunday in sunday school and priesthood and both turned out  really good. Sunday morning she asked us to teach and winging it about testimonies - we were able to have a really good lesson.  

So we just received transfer news for this transfer!  My fantastic companion, Elder Lee, is leaving to go to East Malaysia and I am going to miss him soooo much. I'm so excited for him to go to East Malaysia! We have had a really fun time together and I'm going to miss the fun times with Elder Lee. I am also now District Leader, of Sitiawan's two elders!  My new companion, Elder Kong, will be coming this Thursday and he is a fun elder. My first area I served in, Sibu, is Elder Kong's hometown and Elder Kong is said to be a very fun elder. So I am looking forward to that!  This is going to be a crazy week! 

Love you all!
Elder Hanks
I think I see some monkeys over there! 

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