Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sooo long Elder Lee.....Hello Elder Kong....

Last week we received transfer news informing us that my companion, Elder Lee, would be leaving to East Malaysia & going to the area of Tauau. His dream of going to East Malaysia has been fulfilled and I'm so happy for him !  Because he had to go on a visa run to Singapore on Monday, we didn't get back home until Tuesday night, giving Elder Lee ONE day to pack and for us to get things set up for his leave and my new companion's arrival. We were in over our heads as we had to ride all over the place with a member to get stuff done. 
Somehow, in some way we were able to get everything packed and set up for Elder Lee to go. We continued to call people and tell them about Elder Lee's transfer and we heard a lot of, "What!!! Why so fast! When are you leaving?...TOMORROW!?" Basically, a lot of slightly upset members and investigators at the late notice of Elder Lee's departure. The last thing we did on Elder Lee's last day in the mission is pretty (disobedient) shhhh!  We visited the seminary class as it was ending to talk to some of the members before Elder Lee left. As we were all leaving the church many members asked if we were having a party. I was thinking to myself, "What? no. we don't have any food at our place and we only have an hour." But Elder Lee with enthusiasm and excitement said, "Yes we are!" The next thing I know our house is full of members and kids all here to say good-bye to Elder Lee for the last time. 
Our neighbors also wanted to say good-bye and had planned their own little party for Elder Lee. So Elder Lee and I played a game of tag between these two parties. It was ridiculous and I was so relieved when the neighbors just came over to merge the parties; so much easier. Now our house is full of people and they wouldn't leave. They stayed for so long(12:30! Shhh again! ...) and I still had to take apart Elder Lee's bike so it could be shipped and clean the house. Basically I stayed up until 3:30 getting ready for his leave and woke up at 6:00 to send him to the airport....I was so happy to sit on the bus to sleep to pick up my new companion.
I love Elder Lee a lot and I'm so glad he was my companion. I learned a lot from him and I pray that he will enjoy his last area in East Malaysia before he goes home. 
Elder Kong, my new companion. He is a great elder! He is 23 years-old and only has 3 months left to serve. This is probably his last area. He has actually been to Sitiawan before on his mission because he did exchanges here when he was the Ipoh Zone Leader a long time ago. So he remembered a lot and we got right to work in our area. I am hoping to learn a lot from him because he has had so much experience in the mission. He is a big guy and his hobby before the mission was Body building. he was actually part of bodybuilding competitions and such. I couldn't tell because he has changed, of course, but he loves kickboxing and boxing. I'm a little worried to make him angry but if all goes well there should be no reason for me to knock him out!  Just Kidding!  But he is a really cool elder and knows what he is doing. He is very cautious and worried about being safe all the time. It's kind of amusing because Sitiawan is pretty safe and every where we go, when he sees other peoples' bikes unlocked, he comments that they didn't lock their bikes and such. It's really kind of funny. 
I can't wait to work with him in our area! 
That's all for this week. 
Love you all and enjoy these sweet pics in an awesome garden!
Elder Hanks

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