Monday, May 12, 2014

A full week of highlights!

This past week, as I anxiously awaited the opportunity to skype with my family, has brought forth many blessings and miracles. One of which is our first baptism in my mission language. (the first person I was able to baptize, I read it in Malay)   Sister A____ is a long-time investigator of about 2 to 3 years always loving the doctrines and teachings of the church but not being able to overcome her addiction to coffee. At the baptism of our first convert, M___, A___ attended and loved the spirit that was present. After the services we sat down with A___ and talked with her saying, "Your next." etc. She agreed with us on that and we pulled out a piece of paper to write an official 'contract' to mark the beginning of her quitting coffee at the start of the month of April with hopes of baptism in May. Through much prayer and blessings, A___ was able to walk into the waters of baptism and take upon herself the name of Christ despite many factors that would prevent her to do otherwise such as family disapproval, tensions with friends, misunderstandings in the Branch, and her being the first in her family. But her faith is strong and to listen to her testimony after her baptism was the best part of the entire service. 

With Mother's Day coming up we didn't know what to do to celebrate for the mother's in our branch so we set out to first provide a little treat; cookies! Our neighbor heard of our idea and took it upon herself to do it(She's the best ever!) and then put the cookies in little baggies. On Mother's Day, Sunday, all the mother's loved the little baggies and thought they were, "so cute!" Success on the mother's day treats! 

I know the people and families of Malaysia can be so blessed by the gospel and the blessings it brings for families, now and for eternity. The gospel brings an added element of love into a family that everyone, even some families here in Malaysia, and every where can be blessed with if they are just  willing to embrace it. 

Skyping with my family is of course the highlight of my week. To see them and talk to them about the mission and their lives is so wonderful that I'm smiling and crying all over again. Families really are forever and there is no doubt about it. there is just no way that we could go through so much joy and pain with our families if they really weren't eternal. I love my family so much! they are the best family in the world for me! 

This transfer is coming to an end next week and rumors have it that my wonderful companion, Elder Lee, will be leaving Sitiawan. It's super sad for me to think about that because I really do love him, he is such a great guy. We have had a lot of fun and I hope that it can continue if the Lord allows it. We have been working hard in Sitiawan and have seen the fruits of our labors. All I can do is be grateful and hopeful. 

Love you all and Happy Mother's day to you mothers out there!
Elder Hanks

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