Monday, March 17, 2014

Dump trucks & Settlers of Catan

I'm beginning to feel the value of a mission - both the good things and the bad, but it's all really good. 
Their apartment-  not sure what kind of sarong/pant thing his companion is wearing...!

My Chinese has picked up and now that I feel better with the language again, both my companion and I will now begin to work on more companion-shared lessons where we both effectively teach and testify in unison and I feel like once we get that down, nothing can stop us in the work. 

I have begun to learn a lot and feel a lot of the power of missionary work in the field. We went contacting one day to try and take up some time until our next appointment. During that time, we had some great rejections from some of the people we tried to talk to, but it's all good. One of the houses we knocked on, a man came out and one of the first things he said was something along the lines of, "Not interested in church and Jesus Christ." I thought that that was our cue to leave, but my great companion just started to talk to him about our message and such. After talking to him for a little bit, he said he wasn't interested again but we kept talking to him. We both shared how important the gospel is and the blessings it contains. We ended up talking to this guy for over 30 minutes about the gospel and he accepted the Book of Mormon and 2 pamphlets we gave him agreeing for us to meet with him again later. Really neat contacting experience. That day we had some good contacts done. 

So, we have been having a drought here in Malaysia lately and  have been feeling the heat every time we go out. To our good fortune though, we had some rain storms this past weekend, the first rain storm had some good sized drops and wind to it, so when it hit we ducked into a local store to get out of the rain. Walking inside, we saw a sign that said, "Free eye test." Elder Lee knew that I had a bad eye, and he wanted to see if we could contact the girl working at the store, so I volunteered to have the test. After the test, she told me I had lazy eye...yea I know...but we talked to her for a while, but didn't get anywhere because she just wanted to sell me glasses for my lazy eye. So we stood up to leave when a big guy across the walkway motioned us to come over. We walked over and started talking to this man. Turns out, he is a member who hasn't been able to come to church because he is always working at the little phone booth he was in. He expressed his deep love for the gospel and he has great faith in obedience to the commandments and such, except coming to church, but near the end of our talk, he offered us a prayer right there in the store. Really cool guy.

A fun experience we had was riding in a big construction truck with a member this week. We were riding bikes down the street when a truck next to us honked his horn. We looked over to see one of our members in the driver's seat. He asked us if we wanted to come with him to a work sight and back real fast. Without even thinking, we said "yes." My first thought as soon as we got in the truck was, "What are you doing!"  But then I had the feeling that we should go with him, so I just sat there as we drove away. We went to the work site and back, and as the member was dropping off the massive pile of dirt he picked up, one of his co-workers pulled up next to us. We began talking and he said that he has been to our church before! We were stunned, got his name, number, and we have plans to meet with him later! Pretty cool experience that was both fun and rewarding! 
Ammon's companion

So, we have played settlers of Catan a couple times this week as sort of a lesson type atmosphere. With one of our investigators, we met at the church and set up the game to play. Before we played, however, we asked if we could share a message about the Plan of Salvation. With this investigator we began to teach the Plan of Salvation with him and at one point he said that his father had passed away a few years ago. Now, this investigator has interest in our church but is not so sure about being baptised. We taught him about how he can be with his father again and if he really wanted to, can help his father be baptised as well in the temple. This seemed to click something in his mind and he said he would really like that. We were able to commit him to baptism and he is currently thinking of a date to be baptized on. 

their Church building 

Love you all! 
Elder Hanks

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