Friday, March 14, 2014

Badminton is a real sport....

Sitiawan is just so hot all the time. I can't go anywhere outside without sweating to death it's just so hot. But I'm loving it here in my new small area. I'm starting to get the great feeling of doing missionary work that is supposed to be felt everyday of the mission. 

I've had some really good experiences lately,  such as an investigator no longer wanted us to teach her. We read with her out of the Book of Mormon last week and invited her to pray about it. When we came back later, she said she had talked to her pastor about the Book of Mormon and he told her it was not a book like the Bible and she should not read it. So she gave us back the Book and we haven't seen her since. But I pray that in the future she will have another chance to hear the gospel.

 A potential investigator we talked to in the past,  agreed to meet with us and we meet up. Elder Lee, being so skilled, mostly talked with him about life, work, and such, but then got into the gospel. This great man has never even heard of Jesus Christ, let alone pray. And as Elder Lee was talking about the gospel, this man was focused right on what Elder Lee was saying and I felt the power of the Spirit so strong walking away from that meeting. 

We have talked to a lot of our investigators about baptism and have helped a lot of them commit to baptism. Some with baptismal dates and some without. But I am happy to see many people wanting to make that next step with the Lord. I am even more impressed with the teenagers here in Sitiawan. They are so intuned with the Spirit that prompts them to learn about the gospel. We have several investigators who are young men, some women, who are being independent of their parents and wanting to learn about the gospel. It is so powerful to see these young people, younger than me, exercise a more independent faith and commitment than what I feel I only started to do as I prepared for my mission. 

So the other day, we were invited by an investigator to go and play some badminton. We agreed and the investigator picked us up. Arriving at the courts, I began to realize that badminton isn't a leisurely sport like my family plays in the back yard of our house; this is truly a sport over here. We played for a long time of intense high chips to hard spikes over the short net. I was sweating and struggling to keep up. But in the long run it was a really enjoyable experience. The investigator who invited us brought his older brother along and after we played until we were all tired and hungry, we sat down and read out of the Book of Mormon in 2 Nephi 31. Talking to them about baptism, we were able to bring the spirit enough to commit both of them to baptism. Just without a date. The investigator came to church for the first time yesterday and really enjoyed it. Elder Lee and I have such great hopes for the area of Sitiawan. 

I'm working hard with Elder Lee to learn Chinese, I'm trying to speak nothing but Chinese with him and it seems to be a big help. 

No pictures this week, trying to figure out the computers here still.

Sincerely, Elder Hanks

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