Monday, January 13, 2014

Birthday and Zone conference week !

First of all, THANKS to everyone for all the birthday wishes! I even got a lot of cake from many different people here- the great Senior couples serving here, the branch and even a potential investigator! They were all great & so far I love being 19!

So our church attendance has started to go up here but is still not where would would like ti to be! We are working hard & are happy that another less active family is now active again. We also have an older couple who have starting coming to church & they have a lot to share during lessons- which is great!  Now we want to help their daughters get active too! A small miracle this week is that we found out that a new investigator lives right next door to one of the older couples daughters- so we can visit two investigators almost in one visit! haha! It will be great!

So we went to visit an investigator that likes the Elders to come & visit & teach his kids. I haven't really had a lot of experience yet with this investigator but we had just planned on reading out of the Book of Mormon for this visit. We were a little unprepared because of our traveling this week, that is no excuse, so we show up & the kids are all distracted & we really tried to pull a lesson together but it just wasn't flowing or working! So the investigator starts telling us how we lack patience, faith & most of all happiness! WOW ! I was stunned!  I told the investigator that I know I'm not perfect, and impatient and everything else (haha - and they agreed!) but that we knew someone who was & we pulled out a picture of Christ & I shared my testimony the best I could, we prayed & left. We felt pretty beaten up! Thinking back on it, I am grateful for this experience. It has given me a different outlook on how I can become a better person & missionary! We are determined to return next week & show this man, this wonderful man, what kind of missionaries we really are & that we really are happy!

Here's some pictures from our last weeks visit to Kuala Lumpur, East Malaysia and Singapore. We had an awesome Zone Conference with Elder Larry Wilson of the Seventy, who is in the Area Presidency for our mission. We stayed in Singapore for 3 days & I loved Singapore! I think one of my funnest things while I was there was when we were at the aquarium, & I knew my camera was waterproof, so I stuck it right in the water of the 'petting' pool & go some super cool pictures of some fish faces! It's a weird feeling to just stick your nice camera in the water & I also got some funny looks from people!

We all should be glad the country is watching out for robbers!
(Ammon is taking this picture- not in it, that's his companion is on the right) 

In Singapore at the biggest aquarium in the world,- hello Mr Stingray! 

Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur West Malaysia
holding up the Marina Bay Sand Towers!  There's an infinity pool on the top of that hotel!
(internet image so you could see the pool!) 

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