Monday, January 27, 2014

American football and my first exchange!

Last Monday we went to a field downtown where we brought America to Malaysia with some good old fashioned football. The field was kinda muddy, but it was so fun to get in a good work out and hit someone- not really hit someone but you know what I mean! We had a small crowd watch us and at one point some guys on motorcycles were doing crazy wheelies down the street next to us- one guy even had a passenger on the back doing wheelies! It was talent!

My companion has been called as District Leader, so that means we need to do exchanges. So Elder Earl went to another area with a Malay Elder, while I stayed in my area with his companion. I was so nervous because Elder Hobbs speaks Malay & no Chinese! That meant that the teaching would be on me - speaking all the Chinese, or Elder Hobbs could teach in Malay or English & then I would translate!

The first memorable appointment was with an investigator we had been working with for a while. We had them on date a while ago but they wasn't ready. As we met with them this time, we hoped to play the Restoration DVD for them & increase their knowledge of the Restoration, but they didn't have a DVD player. So we start reading out of the Book of Mormon. We read in 1 Nephi 10 where it mentions baptism and we discussed it a little bit. Then we finished reading the chapter and the investigator brings up baptism again and starts discussing that they couldn't get baptized because of their bad back. I then simply told them that they could be baptized bending forward. The investigator lit up! They said "What?!" They stand up and starts bending over saying "Like this? Like this?" And I keep saying "Yes, Yes!" They looked so excited. Their daughter is is a member and came home so the investigator shared with their daughter the new discovery about baptism! We now have this investigator on date to be baptized on the 15th of Feb!

We leave there & go to a members house who only spoke Chinese to teach another investigator. I know that the Spirit was there because for 1 1/2 hours we talked about so many different topics like prophets, priesthood keys and callings, why we wear white clothes for baptism, ect ... Elder Hobbs said some things & when the member translated for him, the investigating family said "Whoa! He is smart!" They loved Elder Hobbs!

Our next appointment was with another investigator who is struggling with keeping commitments. Other missionaries have tried to get this investigator to pray, so this was our intent too. This investigator spoke a little Malay so Elder Hobbs was able to help! We discussed prayer & asked if they would pray. No. We then thought, let's one of us say a simple prayer & the investigator would then say a simple prayer right after us. So Elder Hobbs told the investigator our idea & they said "Can!"  I prayed a simple prayer & the investigator prayed so beautifully - even though it was only 4 sentences long - It was soooo great!

Our last appointment was with an investigator who could speak English. We we were both able to visit with this person & they wanted us to go to their Methodist bible study class. Of course, their leader would not let us participate in the discussion. So we asked what they would be studying. They said "Romans 13, about the Authority of Jesus Christ." I just started to laugh inside & thought "There is no way this is just a coincidence."So we start to talk about the Restoration & how we have the Authority of Jesus Christ in our church just like Christ had when He was on the earth. We didn't have enough time to share it all before this guy starts smoking & becomes so distracting. The investigator had to leave but wants to continue the message next time! This person has so much faith & the gospel would be so good for them!

It's been a great week !
With Chinese New Year this week a lot of people won't be able to meet with us because of the serious preparations that take place. So many people have invited us over for Chinese New Year, I don't think we will have time to visit everyone who has invited us- we better make good use of our time! I'm going to get fat this week I know it! It's the year of the Horse. We have been told that during the 15 days of New Year, everyone's house is like an open house and you can just go and visit anybody you want!

Have a Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year!
Elder Hanks

Looks like Chinese New Year  food has already started for Elder Hanks!
With a cereal bowl that big, no wonder he's gaining weight!  (I really don't know what this is- oatmeal, rice?)

Look, no hands- or this is the way we ride our bikes, ride our bikes, ride our bikes....
 (Elder Hanks on the far left)
Hope they can navigate the round about like this! 

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