Monday, January 20, 2014

All about joy & patience with a pig leg thrown in there!

So last week I told you about an investigator who had told us his feelings towards us & how he believed that we lacked joy and patience. As I look back on the experience, it makes me smile however, because the man spoke the truth. Looking back on the lesson, I did lack patience & joy that day. So I took it upon myself to study this week all that I could about joy and patience. And I have to say that I really like the results so far!

We have been trying to get members, less active & investigators to read from the Book of Mormon daily because of how important it is to read and to follow the counsel from Elder Wilson & our training to get people to read & feel the Spirit of the Book. So an idea that come to us as we were brainstorming was to do a Book of Mormon reading chart & give it out to everyone. We printed a few off & began handing them out. So far, everyone who has received a copy of the Book of Mormon has been consistent in reading it daily! Sweet! We now have hope to grab on to this surge in reading & spread it though out the branch to strengthen testimonies of those who already have one & to strengthen testimonies of those trying to gain one.

The past couple of weeks, we have been traveling a lot & have not been to our regular lunch spot for a while. So when we had to to return, the people that work at our lunch restaurant were so happy to see us that they brought out a dish that was pretty good & said it was on the house! They wanted to make sure that we would keep coming back though, so the manager walked up to us & said that if we came back the next day he would cook us up a dish for FREE! What? Free food?! Why not? So the next day when we came back the waiter brings out 2 dished. One is a yam cake with vegetables & it tastes pretty weird. But the second dish was a PIG LEG- with the hoof still on it & everything! It was weird at first to try to pick at it thinking "Is there any meat on this thing?" but then when you found the meat it was pretty good. I was very grateful that we were able to have such a fun experience & the restaurant won my business!

So a funny experience I have to share includes some embarrassment on my part!  So the word for cry or tears sounds like  "ku - chi" and the word for pants sounds like  "ku -zi" , which to my ear is very similar. So we are at a members house & I am having a runny nose & watery eyes & a member asked me, in English if I was ok, so I said I was, but the member whose house we were at didn't understand English, so in Chinese I tried to say "If you see me crying, just know that I'm not, and that I am ok." Well instead of that it came out "If you see me wearing pants, just know that I'm not and I'm good." Hahaha!  We all had a good laugh, embarrassing as it was- good stuff!

Well, love you all, Happy Chinese New Year!
Elder Hanks
This is our church building with fireworks set off by some teenagers warming up for Chinese New Year!

Yam Cake & Pig Legs! Free Lunch! 

Walking the streets of Sibu  (Hanks on the left, Earl on the right)

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