Monday, December 30, 2013

One Christmas down, one to go!

I am celebrating my first Christmas in Sibu, East Malaysia! While back home there is probably lots of snow, here we have rain, but fortunately there is not too much of it!

So Christmas morning I woke up to cook some delicious Apple French Toast for our apartment. Unfortunately the only French bread we could find was the kind that already had garlic on it... haha.. I used it anyway! It turned out great for using garlic bread! My mom usually fixes Apple french toast back home every Christmas morning so it made me feel a little closer to home.

We opened presents from our families & from the "secret Santa" we did between the elders in our apartment. I gave my companion a sweet yellow watch because yellow is his favorite color & I gave a saurong to another elder. (I'll have to send a picture of that so you know what I'm talking about)  My companion gave me a good lookin t-shirt  but it's too small so I'll wear it as my workout shirt so that it makes me look more buff!

I got mostly food from my family- which I'm so glad they did! I didn't realize how much I miss simple american food like granola!

Practicing for the Christmas party
We had tried to go out Christmas eve to do some American style Christmas caroling. We rode out with 4 other Elders to an area & knocked on some gates, but not one person came out! They all looked out their windows (probably got sacred with 6 americans outside) & then went away! We tried for 2 hours & finally gave up but with smiles on our faces! It is amazing to see how different things are here!

Last night we had an activity to watch a Church movie with some members. We watched Ephraims Rescue, which I hadn't seen yet. It has a lot of power in it & I really felt the spirit- I loved it! Great movie!

I love knowing Chinese! We had a young woman who was telling the Elders how cute they were but none of the Elders could understand her, but I could! I guess with the Chinese girls in the area, I am ranked #2 as the most handsome Elder! hahah ! Sweet!

Love you all, Hope you all had a great Christmas!
Playing cups! So Fun!

Everyone takes their shoes off at the church - for everything!
I love having church in my socks! 

Service project for a sister, cleaning her windows, which as you can see, was very difficult!
(Thanks to  Sis. Beus for taking all these pictures of  Elder Hanks!) 


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