Tuesday, December 10, 2013

homesick & monsoon season

This is what monsoon weather looks like !
(I don't think his shoes are going to last very long BUT glad he has a helmet! - & wears it! ) 
First of all, my 2nd Christmas package made it though customs so I will have 2 presents to open, one from you and one from Amanda! Thanks! I'm excited to see what you sent!

2nd- Malaysia is wet! It rains here so often! Pretty much every day. Last week we went to a burger place for some food, which is run right outside the owner's house. So as we pulled up, we saw that their whole front yard was flooded. This is how it goes in monsoon season!

Ok, so I have been feeling pretty homesick this last week.
Our investigator that we were so excited about, who seemed so promising, informed us after our first lesson with him, that he was going out of town until April!!! Who does that..... besides missionaries! So we were pretty disappointed we won't be seeing him for a long time. But we are hopping that we gave him a great experience with the church so when he comes back he will still have some interest.

I have been in SMS-ing (mission version of messaging someone)  the Chinese guy we handed a Book of Mormon to on our flight to Singapore.  I asked him if I could send the missionaries over to his house in Hong Kong. We'll see what he says! All I know is his first name so hopefully he will respond back!

We had some time on our hands this week so we began calling people from the "potential" list. We called several people- either getting no response or they say they wouldn't come to church because of work & stuff. So on Sunday we went to our normal meetings & had just arrived home when the other elders in our apartment got a phone call that an extremely less active member decided to go to church. For them, this was a miracle! So they were so excited, the left for their Sacrament meeting.
I was so discouraged and was homesick, tired & bummed out, it was hard to want to do anything. A minute later we got a phone call from a sister, who we had apparently called earlier in the week, inviting her to come to church (she said she was busy-  when Chinese people say they are busy, I think they really aren't)
anyway - she was AT our church!  We were "WHAT?!" She said she was there right now, so we told her to wait & we ran right over to the church.  We found her waiting for the other branches meeting to start.
As we talked to her, she said she wasn't planning on coming to Church but her friend invited her at the last minute.  We look over &  the friend of hers was the  "miracle" & "extremely inactive" member that the other Elders had  ran to go meet!  She had noticed the address of the church was the same address we had given her earlier in the week- so she called us! We were able to talk to her for a while & gave her a Book of Mormon. We had been short of our goal of how many copies of the Book of Mormon we wanted to pass out by 1 - so now we had meet our goal! We were able to set an appointment to see her next Sunday, so we are excited to see where this goes!

I miss you all & hope you have a fun Christmas Season!

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