Monday, November 11, 2013

TV show, MTC count down & Travel Plans- Aaaahhhh!

Funny story to start with- my district was over at the Provo temple grounds taking pictures in front of the temple. So I was just laying on the grass when this cute down syndrome kid comes over & sits down on my back! We all thought it so funny so we kept taking pictures with him! Then he starts to give me a noogie as we're taking pictures! It was hilarious, we all couldn't stop laughing- til the noogie was a little too hard on my head! Finally his mom came over and called the whole game off. haha ! He was such a cute kid, yeah funny story!

So on Wednesday, when we arrived at class, there was an intimidating man standing at our door way. I was a little nervous for he looked too much "all business". He asked me where a certain Elder of our district was, I told him I didn't know, but soon this Elder showed up & started to leave with this man. The Elder then says to me "Elder Hanks, you have to come with me." I now thought that I was in trouble for sure!! (Those NerF-ridays!) We were pulled into another classroom with two Sisters from another district. This man sat down, looked at us and them seemed to all at once, melt into someone friendly! He explained to us that we were a specially selected group that was going to be filmed for a PBS program called " Religion and Ethics weekly News". We all got really excited! We were told they were coming on Monday (Nov. 11), so on Friday, we were pulled into a conference room and we 'practiced being interviewed' on all sorts of things! Setting the bar way high for what we thought this things was going to be!
So, Monday rolls around and all eight of us, who are now pretending to be companions and that we are all in the same district, go into this way decorated room that was put together for this taping, and the PBS people come in.
So we put on our best faces & start answering his questions. After about 5 minutes, he says "Well, I don't want to take up all your study time. So thanks." and leaves!  haha! All of us were like "What?!" You're done?! Seriously?! " We all thought it was going to be like some 20/20 , 60 minutes interview thing, but no, he walks in, asks a few of us some questions and leaves! Alright, whatever! But I WAS interviewed so maybe I'll make national television - like 3 seconds..- who knows! They said they would let us know when it was going to air.

In other news.... I feel like my teaching skills are sky-rocketing while my English skills have crashed & burned!.
This last week with an "investigator" we have been trying to commit him to baptism the past couple of lessons without success. So for this particular lesson, we planned all these scriptures to really nail him on baptism, but when it came to the lesson, it was sounding like all the same old stuff we had already taught. So as my companion was teaching, I was really thinking on how we could make this lesson different. I remembered that he had read through 1 nephi 17 by himself, and I felt I should ask him what his favorite part of the gospel was so far that we had discussed. he told us that is was the fact that he and his family can change and become better.
At that moment, Lehi popped into my head! I immediately told him that his feelings were awesome and that there was someone else with similar feelings! So we turned to 1 nephi 8, where Lehi is having the vision of the Tree of Life & he expresses his desire to have his family partake & enjoy the joy that he was feeling.
So we quickly explained that the Tree of Life was the gospel & the joy it brings into our hearts and that he and Lehi had the same desires for their families!
He got excited and so did we, and we continued for another minute and then I asked him "Just like Lehi go to the tree of life, how can we get to the 'tree' ?"  He smiled & said "Baptism?" "YES!!" He smiled, I smiled, my companion smiled... the whole world smiled... haha!  I asked him in that moment if he was willing to be baptized & he said Yes!  How awesome was that!

In final news.... got my travel plans! I am leaving on the 19th from the MTC at 12:30 & my flight leaves at 6:00pm, so expect a phone call sometime between then!

Looks like a "staged" nap to me...!

I hear Singapore calling ! 

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