Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Leaving on a jet plane...!

Well, this is my last official full day here at the MTC in beautiful, snowy Provo! My experience here has been a perfect one and I am so glad that I accepted the call to serve.

This past week has been about preparation, departure devotionals and packing! What a stressful week & I'm not even done packing yet!

Last night I said good-bye to 2 elders who have been in my district the whole time I have been here. I know that they are already busy with the work the Lord has called them to do. But before they left we had to celebrate the day! So, thanks to several of our great moms, the the spirit of the other elders, we had a farewell bash that we have all been dreaming of for the past 9 weeks!

It started out with ALL the food being gathered in the hall for all to gather & eat! We had quite a crowd gather & our party began! Everyone was enjoying cakes, chips & dip, cider ... but they did not expect a pinata! And not just any pinata... a minion pinata! Everyone was so excited, but we didn't have anything to hit it with. We used to have a mini bat but that went missing a few weeks ago. Fortunately an Elder let us borrow his toy Thor Hammer. We all felt like we should be in the next Avengers movie! Candy was all over & people were having the time of their lives !
We even pulled out some bubbly cider & headed to the the showers where we shook it up & opened the lid & sprayed everyone! We partied from 9:45 til 10:30 so we were all in bed on time too ! I really don't know how  that worked out, especially since we got everything clean up by then too, so go team !

So a tradition that has been adopted by the Mandarin speakers is to take some planks of wood & to record our history in the MTC on them- we call them "the plates". We have plates from previous elders & now we are writing down a few events that transpired while we were here, including Nerfridays & our record time in setting up the auditorium for devotionals! It is really cool to look at them & think that other people will read them & know who we are & some of the things we did. I now understand a little bit of how Nephi & all the other prophets were feeling when they wrote on their plates.

So setting up the auditorium for devotionals.. for the past 9 weeks, we had the service project of setting up the gym to seat everyone for evening devotionals on Sunday and Tuesday. My district was in charge of the podium & stage part where the speakers & leaders sit. At first we just took our time but eventually it turned into a race against time! So this past Sunday we got our fastest time ever-  7min. 30 sec. ! We had so much fun & a great attitude about doing it, the staff lady over it decided to take all our names & start an MTC race log to see who could set the stage up the fastest! How cool is that that our district got to start a new MTC tradition! So maybe when I'm 50 I'll come back here & see if our names are still there!

So I leave the MTC Tues at 12:30 and begin my travels to Singapore! I am so excited to go!  I am so blessed to have been here in the MTC the time that I have! I have made so many friends & have ran into old ones too. The Love of our Savior helps us to so easily bond with those around us, even though they may be from another country or speak a different language.  I can't wait to get out in the field!

Lastly, we heard from the PBS Religion & Ethics show and all they said is that our episode will probably air sometime during the 2nd week of December.

Thanks for all your support in writing to me while I was in the MTC !  Keep the letters coming!

Tahitian Sisters who gave Ammon a puka shell necklace before leaving- a Tahitian tradition

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