Tuesday, November 5, 2013

An MTC Veteran with 2 weeks left !

Excerpts from this weeks letter -
I am officially an MTC veteran! I have survived the rough terrains of the MTC and can smell the aroma of freedom & conversion around the corner!
We haven't had anything exciting happen to us except the new district that has moved into the MTC  & into our zone. It has been really neat being one of the Zone Leaders for them. I hope I have been a good example to them. I feel like we have all connected & bonded really well & that we can be good friends like the zone I had when I first came to the MTC.
It has started to snow here in Provo &  I am loving it! I am trying to take in all the frozen H2O that I can before I am stuck with the damp wet humid stuff of Singapore! It is so fun to see the tropical Elders & Sisters come here & react to snow, because a lot of them have never seen it before.
Last Sunday we watched the Joseph Smith movie: The Prophet & the Restoration & I ended up sitting next to a Sister who was a bit teary. So I asked her about the flower in her hair, know that the flowers mean something...single, married.. or something, just to start the conversation. She was learning English so the conversation was a little bit slower but a great conversation anyway! Then I talked some more with some of her friends. So although I really didn't cheer her up that much, I became friends with this group of Sisters. So whenever we see each other, we are all excited & happy & it's great seeing them all the time!
SO, my MTC stay is coming to an end, which means I received my Mandarin name tag this week! I love looking at it & can't wait to put it on. So mom, can you send me that Chinese Book of Mormon with our  family picture & testimony in it so I can try to hand it out on my way to Singapore?!
I was able to go to the temple again today- it's been a great day! Later today I will do TRC's again, which stands for Teaching Resource Center, where we teach those in Taiwan & other countries. I always feel nervous going into it, but after I am really excited about it!
Love you all !

Ammons Mom- It would be super great if any one would like to write letters to Ammon at the Singapore Mission home so that he will have letters when he gets there in 2 weeks!

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