Friday, October 18, 2013

Weeks 3 & 4 - A Mad-lib letter & NerFridays

This is a summary of weeks 3 & 4 for Elder Hanks at the MTC -

I sent him a letter, (I wrote as if he were writing it, and then left blanks for him to fill in - such as "my favorite thing at the MTC has been ______" ) trying to get more details about what he does exactly at the MTC.

So.... here are some snippets from the letter:
"The food here is pretty good and my favorite meal has been tomato basil soup. My favorite thing at the MTC so far has been the gym!  I get up at 6:25am and do push ups. I have 2 hours of free (he wrote study)  time before lunch and 0 hours of free time before dinner.
On Sundays we have just sacrament meeting with a lot of time to study. We don't  have Sunday school and we do  have priesthood, the teachers are the branch presidency.
You asked how my Chinese is coming, it's coming pretty well. I can kind of teach a lesson on  Heavenly Father in Chinese.
I get 30 minutes of gym time everyday & I usually play volleyball or lift weights.
I get to go to the temple once a week.
Being district leader has been hard but also rewarding because of all the things it has taught me.
Right now I am studying the principles of Missionary Fundamentals and one of the goals we have as a district is  to be on time and to speak our language.
I am sleeping ok but feel like I never get enough sleep.  The best package you have sent me so far has been the nerf guns and halloween decorations. The bulletin board pins you sent me were freaking awesome!!  (I went to All A Dollar & found random toys & glued tack pins to them- the best one was a squishy sumo wrestler & a Superman ! ) 
One time I have really felt the Spirit here was when  I was listening to Elder Gifford Nelson when he said "This is our testimony that we give of Him.." That line is also used in the final scenes of the Hill Cumorah Pageant,  right before Christ appears. It was if I was right back at the true hill.
Well, this has been the  best  way to write a letter! Mom should write these for me more  often!

Week 4 update from a quick, short letter to his dad:
I feel good & strong in the language.
The MTC is great & so convenient.
The food is pretty dang good, actually!
I am restarting the BOM and I have already picked up on some great doctrine & principles I didn't see before.
The Spirit is always present.
I am working hard to be productive & the Lord is definitely helping me with that
I am exercising as much as I can (I don't want to gain a lot of weight)
My companion was made district leader yesterday!

One of these things is not like the others....! Hanging on a P-day



His Chinese teacher went to Davis High & knows Elder Hanks' older sister.
Yes they have matching ties & it looks like Elder Hanks has been to the MTC barber!

Elder Hanks & Elder Atkinson (friend from Davis High)

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