Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 5 Top 10 list

Top 10 Highlights of Elder Hanks' week:
1)  "accidentally" tore pages out of his scriptures so we had to send him a new set! He is super excited to
     start marking up a new set with all the scriptural and doctrinal insights he is gaining at the MTC !
2) Ran into Elder Clarke who was his District Leader at the Hill Cumorah Pageant! So fun to have the
    brotherhood of the work crew to keep blessing his life! Too bad Elder Hanks didn't have his camera to
    get a pix  !
3) Ran into his cousin, Sis. Ashley Hanks who is going to Argentina!
4) Had a new group of Elders move into the dorm room next to Elder Hanks. This group stays up late
   making noise &  makes it hard for Ammon's room to get to sleep some nights. It's great to have neighbors
   again & they are a pretty fun group of Elders learning Korean.
5) He & his companion were made Zone Leaders. Currently they have 12 sisters & 6 Elders in his Zone but
    will be at 13 Sisters & 10 Elders after Wednesday!
6) He will get to "Host" or greet the new missionaries at the curb as the come to the MTC this Wednesday
    for the first time & Elder Hanks is really excited to help escort the new missionaries & give them the tour
    of the MTC.
7) He & his companion skyped with a member in Taiwan this past week. (to practice their Chinese I
    assume). They were having a discussion on church attendance when the member spoke a really "long
    Chinese sentence" of which Ammon understood the member to say that he did not go to church. They
    proceeded to give the member a discussion about the importance of church attendance.  Later, the
    teacher that was observing their conversation, let them know that the rest of the "long sentence" was that
    the church building was too far away for the member to attend church. Haha.. these poor Elders... telling
    the member to go to church when it's probably not possible for him to get there. Hopefully the member
    was understanding of these 2 young white Americans, learning Chinese, telling him about the importance
    of going to church!
8) Elder Hanks was able to carry on a 30 minute conversation with his Chinese teacher all IN Chinese &
    understood everything! He was even able to share some scriptures in Chinese. He was so excited !
9) He is learning through the life experiences of other missionaries that he is a very blessed missionary!
10) On his way to the Provo temple, he saw a protester on the corner of the MTC & the Provo temple. The
    protester was yelling at the missionaries & anyone else driving by ! Ammon felt sorry for the guys
    misunderstandings & for missing the truth. Good thing he had some experience with protesters at the
    Pageant to prepare him for things like this. Even in Singapore he may experience "protesters" who may  
    yell & even spit at the Missionaries for what we believe.

There's leaves falling behind me you say...?

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