Monday, September 30, 2013

Sept 30,2013 MTC week 2 - Life lessons!

Edited excerpts from Elder Hanks' 2nd week at the MTC:  

"Well, Sunday was probably the most stressful day so far. There is this Elder who is in our district who I think is very smart and very intuitive, but thinks way to much with his head rather than feeling with his heart when it comes to spiritual and social things. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy. So on Sunday we had time set apart for a district discussion/lesson. 

I gave the lesson and taught how we, as missionaries, shouldn't just do good but be good.  I asked why a missionary was here on a mission and then I wrote on the board "Because God asked me to come here".  I felt the spirit prompting me to then ask, what could be better about this statement. Everyone was really great in responding.. I then erased the word "come" and wrote in "be" so the sentence then read " Because God asked me to be here". I could see every ones eyes open and I felt the spirit start to enter the room. 

Well this missionary was trying to correct my punctuation errors, such as not having a period at the end of my sentence.. and then began to express  how my lesson was demeaning the word "come" and my suggestion of the word "be" was the better way to go falsified the idea of "coming unto Christ". I immediately felt the spirit leave. I tried hard to recover the Spirit and moved on to other goals that our district needed to talk about.

Some of the other missionaries in my district tried to support and clarify the idea I was trying to get across, but this missionary would not have it. It was suggested that we pray to bring the Spirit back.  One of the sweet Sis. missionaries in the district started to sing "Savior, Redeemer of my Soul" which has been a song associated with many spiritual experiences in my life. I was blessed to begin to feel the spirit again. 

I couldn't get out of my mind the way the Spirit had left our lesson and ruined my Sunday. I couldn't focus, couldn't eat (luckily it was fast Sunday anyway). Later that night I prayed for guidance about what to do with this awkward situation. I stayed up for a good 2 hours stuck in despair. 

Finally Monday morning the answer comes to me. I got the feeling that I need to apologize to my district... did I feel like I did something wrong? No.  Did I feel like I could have been better? Yes.  So later that morning I apologized to my district for not being able to help keep the Spirit in our lesson.  Many members of the district came up to me afterward and expressed thanks for doing what I did. Today is a good day." 

(Many great life lessons Elder Hanks is learning !)
Elder Hanks & Elder Merrill (From Hill Cumorah Work Crew) on their way to a devoational at the Marriott Center

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