Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sept 18th, 2013 - MTC drop off !

Elder Hanks & his dad overlooking the MTC before we drive across the street!
Here we go!
Elder Hanks' adventure begins!
Elder Hanks was up at 6:30am this morning! Added a few church songs to his ipod, had a few crepes for breakfast & off we headed to the MTC in Provo. Of course we had to do all the typical things you do before hitting the MTC....lunch somewhere (where you also see 50 other missionaries doing the same thing with their families1) a stop at the Provo temple for pictures & the final tearful hugs before you make that final approach to the MTC.
We only drove like 2 blocks but those 2 blocks passed by wwwaaaayyyy to quick! Before we knew it we were curbside at the MTC!  Our kids had strategically placed Elder Hanks in the back seat of the suburban so that we all HAD to get out for one more final hug!  We all kept it together for him really well!  Such a great adventure for a young man to go on and come back a man, grown in the gospel, strengthened in testimony & full of love and charity for the people of Singapore and for the Lord.

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